5 Dreadful Attacks In Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul Post Taliban take Over

In The First Week Of August Taliban Officially Took Over The Control Of Afghanistan. But Ever Since Taking Over The Kabul Has Faced Many Deadly Attacks Leaving Several Dead


To end the war on terror the United Stated official withdrew its troops from the war-torn country Afghanistan. On the view of that Taliban had started taking control of the country. there was mayhem not only in Afghanistan but around the world as citizens were trying to flee the country. Evacuations were carried out by several countries including India to get citizens out of war-torn Afghanistan.

There is a major humanitarian crisis that the citizens of Afghanistan are facing. According to the UN report, 18 million people were dependent on aid even before the Taliban took over control. Now that numbers are likely to increase due to drought and shortages of finances and food. Ever since the Taliban’s take over several attacks took place in Afghanistan which resulted in the loss of human life and infrastructure. There is a constant fear in the minds of the citizens of Afghanistan.


Here we take a look at five dreadful attacks on Afghanistan:

Explosion In Afghanistan’s Capital Kabul:

An incident of explosion in Kabul took place on Saturday, November 13 in which one person died and approximately five people got injured.  The explosion took place in, a Kabul suburb Dasht-e Barchi majorly populated by members of the Shia Hazara community. It is being said that the community is targeted by ISIL allied fighters. As per the reports, the person who died in this attack was a journalist.

Bomb Blast At The Kabul Mosque:

In the first week of October, a deadly bomb blast took place at the entrance of the Kabul Mosque which left five people fear-dead. According to the reports, Islamic State extremists were responsible for the deadly blast. Taliban officials said that the attacks from the IS extremists have increased. However, before this incident and after this incident attacks have continued to take place in Afghanistan.

Suicide Bombers Attack:

A group of suicide bombers gathered at a mosque called Fatimiya in central Kandahar and committed a blast that left around 50 people dead and more than 70 injured. It is considered the deadliest attack on Kabul post-withdrawal of foreign forces. The attack took place when people had come together for the Friday prayers at the mosque.


Attack On Military Kabul Hospital:

This unfortunate incident of attack in the military hospital took place in the first week of November. In this incident of bloodshed around 19 people were killed while more than 50 were injured. It was a suicide attack as the bomber had detonated a bomb at the entrance of the hospital. This attack was claimed by the Islamic States group.

Suicide Bombing During American Evacuation:

In the vicinity of Kabul’s international airport, IS suicide bomber targeted American evacuation. The destructive attack assassinated 169 Afghans and 13 U.S. officials and is considered the most fatal attack in the country in years. The responsibility of this attack was claimed by the Islamic state allied group.