5 Permanent Members Of UN Security Council Vows To Dodge Nuclear War But How Much They Mean It Is The Question As The Reality Is Different

China, The UK, US, France And Russia-5 Permanent Members Of UN Security Council And Nuclear Powers Pledges To Avoid Nuclear War At The Time When These 5 Countries Have Conflict Within Themselves


As we have stepped into yet another new year recently many are hoping for peace to prevail across the world. However, it seems practically very difficult as the year started with an exchange of rockets between Israel and Hamas, while on the other hand, Iran targeted the US and Israel over Qasem Soleimani’s killing on his second death anniversary. Also, some problems from 2021 were sot resolved and have continued in 2022 as well.

Existing Problems Of Russia, China, US

It includes Russia’s willingness to invade Ukraine as it has increased its military forces on the border. This has also resulted in ever-increasing conflict with the west. The trade conflict between China and the US continues along with regional issues like Taiwan and dominance in Indo pacific, Israel’s prolonged problem with Palestine, etc.

World’s Arms Race And The Vow

On one hand, we observed a kind of arms race going on between different countries. Their attempt is to strengthen its military forces and some also want to show their prominence in the region. But in the new year, five permanent members of the UN Security Council-China, Russia, France, the UK, and the US have pledged to avoid a nuclear war.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

These five countries are powerful in the world possessing disastrous nuclear weapons. They are also known as the NPTs (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) the pact signed by them in 1968. The prime objective of the  NPT is to avert the proliferation of nuclear weapons, formulas, technology to maintain peace and security in the world. Because the more countries have access to nuclear weapons more they possess a threat to the world.

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Nuclear War

The statement has come at a time when these countries have disputes within themselves. It is to avoid any hazardous nuclear war when on the other hand world is dealing with a deadly pandemic. That has already caused enough havoc in the world. Though the officials of these countries say that it is a good sign that countries are coming together to dodge war-like situations but how they will abide by their statement is a question.

Other Nuclear Power Countries

Furthermore, countries like India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea who are also nuclear powers are not part of the NPT and continue to enhance their weapons. In addition to that, the escalation of Iran’s US relations due to the failure of the 2015 agreement has also raised the alarms that Iran and the middle east are strongly willing to become nuclear powers.

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However, the five powerful countries have decided to act and react responsibly to prevent any kind of conflict that will lead to extremes like the use of nuclear weapons. They decided to resolve disputes amongst themselves pragmatically which will also depict the coordination between these countries. Thus the world will see next time how these countries stop themselves from giving threats to the usage of nuclear weapons to each other.