5 Reasons Why You Must Listen To ‘Gangistan’ Podcast On Spotify Starring Pratik Gandhi, Saiyami Kher, And Daya Shankar Pandey

Spotify Podcast Gangistan Featuring Pratik Gandhi, Saiyami Kher, And Daya Shankar Pandey Covers The Story Of Mumbai’s Underworld And Gangwar


‘Gangistan’ podcast is released on audio streaming platform Spotify on Monday, November 15. It is a 48 episode series out of which 10 episodes are out. The duration of each episode ranges from 12 to 20 minutes. It is an OfSpin Media Friends production written by Heer Khant.  It features the voices of Pratik Gandhi (Journalist Ashu Patel), Saiyami Kher (Cop Encounter Specialist Shivani Sawant), And Daya Shankar Pandey (Gangster Pappu Takla).

Putting in simple words the story begins with Journalist Ashu Patel having a conversation with cop Shivani Sawant about the encounter. Ashu Patel is a crime journalist who was to tell people the untold stories of the Mumbai gang war through his column in the newspaper. His one source of information is Shivani Sawant while the other source is Pappu Takla who claims to be a ghost and was encountered by police. He was one of the culprits of the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast who had driven a car with explosives.

Pappu Takla hears the phone conversation between Ashu and Shivani and initiates dialogue with Ashu who he promises to help by sharing inside stories of Mumbai’s underworld. Pappu’s and Ashu Patel’s aim is more or less the same that is to tell the world the untold stories of the Mumbai gang war.


Here are the 5 reasons why one should listen to the ‘Gangistan’ podcast on Spotify-

To Experience Thrill

Crime stories are always intriguing and if it is about the city of Mumbai then it is even more interesting. Mumbai has the past of gang war and the world. In this podcast, one gets to experience the thrill of crimes by underworld criminals as the sounds used in the podcast give the vibes taking from gunshots to slaps and stabbing by knife.

Enticing Narration

The story is very well narrated by Pratik Gandhi as Ashu Patel and Daya Shankar Pandey as Pappu Takla. The conversation between the two is very natural. Saiyami Kher as Shivani Sawant has also done justice to her role of a cop. However, the storytelling of Daya Shankar Pandey is the best amongst all. Much of the credit must be given to him for making the story interesting to listen to. the narration is so lively, that one may feel like being present there with the characters in the same room.

Entertaining And Drama

‘gangistan’ has a touch of masala which is more added by Pappu. The tapori language he speaks is very apt like if any real tapori or goon. Thus listening to a crime story from a goon adds drama to it. And Pratik Gandhi’s sophisticated, educated journalistic language balances the story’s narration. Saiyami also sounds realistic with her Marathi accent in Hindi dialogues as well which is perfect for a Maharashtrian police officer.


Story’s Timeline

The ‘Gangistan’ story will take you through and will make you experience different timelines. It goes into the flashback to the time of 1960s, 1970s, an era of Mumbai gang war. Thus podcast makes you visualize that era like the way one reads a book and visualizes it. There are also several characters that Pappu introduces from different timelines.

Realistic Sounds

Music composer Anant Krishnan has done wonders and justice to this podcast which makes listeners feel every emotion. The sound of bomb blasts, screams, and the violin in the background will surely leave the listener terrified. Every episode of the podcast leaves you with curiosity.