A Fresh Commencement For Facebook With New Name ‘Meta’; Here Is All You Need To Know

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg In An Attempt To Revamp Facebook’s Image He Has Changed The Name Of Facebook To Meta. 


Facebook was one of the first digital platforms that were introduced to the world after the Orkut era. Facebook as a tech giant ruled the digital world for over two decades. From connecting to people to making new friends across the globe and running a business through Facebook it came a long way. However, in the last few years, it has found itself in various controversies like accusations of a data breach, spreading misinformation, hatred speech, etc.

Thus, in an attempt to rebrand itself Facebook has become Meta. The other social media platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram will now come under Meta Umbrella or ‘Metaverse’ the term used by CEO Zuckerberg. By using this term he elaborated that he intends to unify the varying digital worlds into ‘Metaverse’.

  • Mark Zuckerberg Statement On Meta And Metaverse

CEO of Facebook now Meta said in a virtual event, ‘I’ve been thinking a lot about our identity “Over time, I hope we’re seen as a Metaverse company.’ He further added and expressed faith that his firm will go far beyond today’s networking format and world. He sees Metaverse as the future which will be an amalgamation of online, virtual, and augmented worlds. 


  •  Insights About Facebook Turned Meta Logo

In an attempt to rebrand itself Facebook along with its name has changed its logo as well. The new logo looks like an infinity-shaped symbol that is partially angled. The color theme of the new logo resembles the old logo. The new infinity-shaped logo is blue and white like the earlier one where there was a blue background with white ‘F’ facebook’s initial.

  •  Facebook Now Meta And Its Sister Companies

Making Metaverse company is altogether a novel concept and much theoretical thus it will take time to grow and achieve its desired aims. But the sister companies like Instagram and Whatsapp will operate as it is. It will continue to generate big revenues of approximately $86 billion annually with serving 3.5 billion people across the globe.


  • Controversies Of Facebook Which Trying To Avoid By Becoming Meta

When one of the former Facebook employees named Frances Haugen leaked the intel information that how the tech giant firm was aware of the negative effects of what it is doing. These were made public with articles getting published in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times and later in the other media outlets. It had found itself in a legal and regulatory inspection. 

  •  Facebook Turning Meta And The Stock Markets

The company will commence trading from December 1 with the stock ticker MVRS. The firm is likely to rebrand some of the other VR products from its original name Oculus to Meta. The organizational structure of the firm will remain as it is so far with Zuckerberg being the CEO. He will also be the person with majority powers and to make decisions for the company.