Aam Adami Party Played Its Trump Card Announces Ajay Kothiyal As CM Face For Uttarakhand


On Tuesday Aam Adami Party (AAP) chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared that retired Army officer Ajay Kothiyal will be the party’s chief ministerial face for the 2022 Assembly polls in Uttarakhand. The party had earlier launched a campaign in the state to find out citizen’s opinions on Kothiyal as the chief ministerial face of the party in Uttarakhand.

“People said they want a break from political parties and leaders…Now, we want a desh bhakt fauzi (patriotic Army man). People said that they want Ajay Kothiyal as their CM. This decision that Kothiyal will be made the CM candidate has been taken by the people” said Kejriwal.  Later, this topic was trended on Twitter. Netizens and supporters of the AAP expressed their appreciation for this and trended hashtags related to it on Twitter.

The decision of AAP created a buzz in the political circles. AAP has got fresh hopes in  Uttarakhand with Ajay Kothiyal as the chief ministerial face. However, what others will also need to be taken into consideration in the future. As of now AAP has played its strong card and has tried to create pressure on the other parties.