After Defaming Maharashtra, BJP And Godi Media Keeps Mum On Drugs Seized In Gujarat

After Almost Two months Of Politicizing the Aryan Khan Drugs Case, BJP And Godi Media Have Now Decided To Become Three Monkeys Of Mahatma Gandhi Over The News Of Crores Of Drugs Seized In Gujarat.


Since last year several attempts are made by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the godi media to besmirch Maharashtra, Maha Vikas Aghadi government, Mumbai, and Bollywood. Central agency Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is used as a tool to make selective targets by summoning and probing celebrities and at times their children.

In 2020 actress Rhea Chakraborty, Deepika Padukone, Anchor- comedian Bharati Singh and Harsh Limbachia were summoned and questioned by NCB in alleged usage of the drug and with the probability of their links with the nexus of drug peddlers and dealers. Recently, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s son was in jail as accused in the Cordellia cruise drug case.

Godi Media’s Selective Approach

Well, the godi media preferred to give more screen time to this news by following their cars, loitering out of these celebrities houses and offices, rather than covering real issues like almost a year-long farmers protest on the borders of Delhi or climate change, poor health infrastructure, the crumbling economy, pegasus soopgate, etc.

BJP’s Partial Criticism

When the news of drugs and celebrities broke BJP leaders started criticizing the government and Mumbai say it is becoming the ‘Hub’ of drug peddlers. They demanded probes and strict actions. Bollywood which is based in Mumbai had to face wrath and abuse of the people. Well, but all of them became three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi when a comparatively much higher amount and quantity of drugs was seized from Gujarat.

The National Investigation Agency seized 2,988.21 kilograms of heroin from the Mundra port Gujarat.  It is a huge quantity of drugs yet there were debates on national television news channels, no boycotts or trolling on social media, no criticism on the Gujarat state government. No one questioned the government about this incident.

Gujarat’s Drugs Seizure

For the unknown, BJP is in the power in Gujarat with BJP CM. No BJP leader from across the country especially from Maharashtra uttered a word in condemning and excoriating the Gujarat government. This is the hypocrisy of BJP leaders and godi media. In Gujarat’s case, they have closed their eyes, shut their ears, and kept mum.

Yesterday, November 11 drugs worth Rs 313.64 crore were seized from Dev Bhoomi Dwarka Gujarat. This came as yet another incident where huge quantities and amounts of drugs were found.  It’s been a day now and yet no one is ready to talk about that.  This shows the dubicity of BJP and its leaders and how only Maharashtra is being targeted for defaming.

What’s Right And Wrong

Drugs getting seized from any part of the nation are worth investigation as to its illegal and big racket. Drugs getting seized from any citizens residing in India need to be probed and culprits must be punished. But being selective in taking actions, doing investigation and defaming only a particular state or people is wrong. Being biased in approach is wrong strongly needs to be condemned.