After Myanmar, Sudan Is Facing Grave Issue Of Military Coup; Countries With Human Rights Crisis

Pro-Democracy Protestors In The Country Are Facing Violence By Sudan's Military; Country In Political Turmoil Like Myanmar


The protestors in Sudan have planned a mass march demanding restoration of civilian rule in the country on Saturday. However, the eyes are on how the military men will react to this march. As in the previous resistance protest, six men were killed and several got injured. Sudan is not the only country that going through turmoil. A similar situation is there in Myanmar for the last eight months.

The similarity in both the country is that people have to continuously remain under terror, no human rights left to the citizens, loss of human life, loss of infrastructure. There is a lot of instability in both nations.

  • Background About The Sudan Military Coup Situation
    There is a tense situation in the country and the process had commenced ever since the former president and strong leader Omar-Al-Bashir was stepped down from power. Since 2019, the country has seen several pacts, ups, and downs like forming of alliance government dethroning al-Bashir but this time’s circumstances appear dangerous than ever.
  • Detention Of Leaders Of Sudan And Myanmar Due To Military Coup
    As of now, administrative ministers along with Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok are under detention. PM Hamdok firmly opposed the military coup. To add on, there is internet and mobile network shutdown in the nation. On the other hand, Myanmar too is going through a similar situation where the leader Aung San Suu Kyi is under arrest and the nation is run by the military. There too, people came out on the streets to agitate which turned out violent.
  • United Nation’s Reaction On Both The Military Coups
    The United Nations Security Council’s first statement of Sudan’s military coup came on Thursday, October 28. Through its press brief, it has expressed ‘serious concern’ about the situation however many are of the opinion that it has not taken any stringent action of condemnation. The UN general assembly has condemned Myanmar’s Military Coup as well and had announced an arms embargo against the country in a resolution indicating widespread global dissent to the junta and demanding the establishment of the country’s democratic transition.
  • Western Countries Take On Military Coup In Sudan and Myanmar 
    Western countries have criticized the coup and have demanded to free the detained cabinet ministers. They have also threatened to cut off important aid to the country if the military does not restore power-sharing with civilians. During the initial days of the coup in Myanmar western powers like the European Union have tried to create pressure on Juntas by threatening to impose sanctions on the country though it did not have much impact.
  • Capital Cities Of Both Countries Sudan’s Khartoum And Myanmar’s Nay Pyi Taw Under Military Coup
    Tires are burned on the streets of Khartoum with protesters some injured demanding civilian rule with posters that reads ‘No To Military Rule.’ Several roads are blocked with barricades to stop the crowd. In Nay Pyi Taw the streets were filled with people demanding their wants and rights later there was bloodshed and mayhem the situation became so worst that people were and are still helping each other to flee.