All Eyes On Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s Visit To India And Meet With India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi As Both The Countries Reiterates ‘Old Friendship’

The Friendship Relation Between India And Russia Is Very Old Which Goes Back The Time Of Cold War And It Once Again Gets Highlighted As Putin And Modi Meets For Bilateral Ties


Russian President Vladimir Putin came to India on Monday, December 6 for a bilateral meet with old ally India. Putin’s this meet is the second overseas meet since the covid pandemic. Earlier he went to Geneva to meet US president Joe Biden. Along with President Putin, Defence Minister of Russia Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have also come to India to meet their counterparts.

Background Of The Meet Between Putin And Modi

This meet has come at the time when India is trying to strengthen its military force by adding new arms and weapons in its force and facing a dispute with China at LAC and Russia on the other hand has substantially increased its army personnel on the border of Ukraine which has created unrest in the west and rising tension between US and Russia and the West fears Russia is planning to invade Ukraine.

Russia- India ‘Old Friendship’

Russia has helped India several times one of the important incidents of the same is during the Sino-Indian war in 1962 and the other instance is during the 1971 India-Pakistan war. At times when the situation has got worsened at PoK and LAC Russia has always extended support to India. Even in the United Nations, Russia has backed India.

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Importance Of Visit Of Vladimir Putin

Today’s visit of Putin to India has brought out a loud message for the world that India is its high prioritized ally as after meeting US president India becomes the second country Putin visited in person as the leader skipped other important global summits like G20 and COP26. The meet also takes place in the background when the US is trying to strengthen its ties with Asian countries like India, Japan, Australia.

Areas Of Interest Between Russia And India

Over the years the relationship between the two countries has grown from just international ties to defense, energy and culture, and other segments as well. The sector in which some dispute exists is trading as India does not look at Russia as its potential market. But neither this reason nor the other reason of good ties between China-Russia and India-US has affected Russia India relationship.

Pacts Signed Between India And Russia

In this meet, the two countries have signed 28 treaties in the energy and defense sector. The three of the key pacts are a production of AK 203 rifles for the Indian Army, India and Russia augmented their military-technical cooperation pact for another 10 years. The reserve bank of India and the Bank of Russia has also signed a pact to tackle the issue of cyber attack. Both the countries have set the target of $30 billion in trade and $50 billion in investment by 2025.

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Both the countries also have found a mutual interest in the issue of terrorism and concerning the issue of the Afghanistan Taliban government as both the countries fear Afghanistan might become a terror hub. However, the issue of indo pacific remains unresolved and is a matter of concern.


But all of this has made one thing clear that India has Russia has a helpful friend who always got India’s back and will continue to do so in the years ahead. As an Indian, it’s overwhelming to know the president of India preferred to visit India even in the testing times of pandemic.