ARMY Can’t Be More Proud As K- Pop BTS Inspires A Generation Of Young People At UNGA

ARMY is the backbone of BTS and they are all taking pride on September 20 as K-pop boys were part of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) . They yet again proved that BTS is the youth’s voice.


K-pop BTS is a group of seven Korean boys who are ruling over the world through their songs and music. They have become the heartthrob of millions of people across the globe. They are the group of artists who are highly socially responsible citizens of the planet. BTS’ fandom is so enormous that it’s called an ARMY. The connection between the bangtan boys and the ARMY is unique and full of pure love and affection.

ARMY is the backbone of BTS and they are all taking pride on September 20 as BTS boys were part of the United Nations General Assembly. However, this was not the first time the boys were representing the UNGA. They also performed on the new song ‘Permission to Dance.’ They were introduced as the ‘World’s most loved artists’ by South Korean President Moon Jae-In.

The group was called to New York this year as the special presidential envoy for future generations and culture. Before this, they were part of UNGA three years ago. The septet – RM, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jungkook took turns and delivered their message to the audience and their fans around the world. RM was the first to commence and share the message.

He said, “It is an honor to be here today, where BTS has been appointed as Special Presidential Envoy for The Republic of Korea. We’re here today to share the stories of a future generation. Before we came here, we asked the young people in their teens and 20s around the world about their past two years and about the world they find themselves in today.”

BTS talked about various topics taking from how’s lives are changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic to the importance of vaccination and even climate change was on the agenda. They mentioned all the members of BTS are fully vaccinated. They yet again proved that BTS is the youth’s voice. In their address they tried to spread positivity, bring light to the lives of young people saying youth have the capability to accept change rather than being afraid of it.

They concluded on the optimistic note saying, “we don’t just consider the future as grim darkness. We still have many pages in our story, and we shouldn’t talk as if the ending is already written.” They also shared some of the stories they had received as a part of the UN’s ‘Youth Today, Youth Stories’ initiative. Their performance on ‘Permission to dance’ was appropriate for the occasion.

After the speech of the BTS, ARMY was overwhelmed and took immense pride at the moment. They took to social media handle and were all praise for the K-Pop stars. Several hashtags were trending on social media. BTS boys were seen donning professional black suits which gave them the perfect formal look for the event.