Birthday Special- Development, Rational And Progressive Thinking, Leadership Are The Words Synonymous To Sharad Pawar

On The Occasion Of The 81st Birthday Of NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar, We Take A Look At What Makes Him An Astute Political Leader In India


It becomes a really difficult task for a writer when the topic is ‘Sharad Pawar.’ The name in itself is so powerful that even his detractors think twice before making any statement about him. And All of this is because of his spending so many successful decades in politics as a promising leader who stood by the nation and Maharashtra at its worst!

Sharad Pawar- The Beginning

As a youth leader in the initial stage to today being kingmaker of Maharashtra and a political leader who can bring together people of common interest for people’s well being he has links with every state for its own reason as he has done commendable work as the defense minister and agricultural minister of the nation.

The Political Gurus Of Sharad Pawar

His love and urge for working the country grew at an early age of life with mother Sharadabai being his first political guru and then the first chief minister of Maharashtra Yashwantraon Chavan who gave him forum and growth in politics. Later, by honing in inbuilt skills like the ability of decision making, lead the masses, patient enough to hear out others, making strategies, oratory skills, etc. he became an exceptional politician.

Sharad Pawar- Youth Leader To 81 Year Leader

From going to Egypt, Canada to learn skills to lead youth congress to take oath as the youngest chief minister of Maharashtra and India at the age of 38  on July 18, 1978, he reached this position early in his life because of the hard work done which he continues to do at this age (81) of life. And the best example of this is his rain-soaked speech in Satara in October 2019 for an election campaign.

Development And Sharad Pawar

One cannot deny that what gave him a break in politics is his development model of Baramati. As a young mind, he thought of mitigating the drought crisis in Baramati and he introduced the concept of a percolation pond to collect the rainwater and the project became a huge success. Since then people of Baramati bestowed all their faith in him for the overall development of the region. However, he not only developed Baramati but the whole of Maharashtra and even India as well.

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Rational And Progressive Thinker

A lot of policies introduced were liked and followed by other states. He is a progressive thinker which is seen in the decision he took for the upliftment and empowerment of women. It will not be wrong to call him the pioneer of empowering women’s rights in Maharashtra but all over the nation. As a defense minister, he issued orders of 11% reservation for women in the armed forces due to this 100 women were recruited as the officers in defense services.  It was his idea to form a women’s commission in the state which was established in 1993.  This was a revolutionary decision that was later implemented by other states.

Leadership Skills Of Sharad Pawar

In his political career, he has led so many alliance governments swiftly because of his leadership skills. And what makes him different from others is that he even helps his critics in times of crisis. An instance of this is an earthquake in Gujarat when Atal Bihari Bajypee was the prime minister of India. Sharad Pawar himself told Bajpayee that let him handle the situation of disaster management as he had an experience of Maharashtra.

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An Exceptional Leader

Later, Atal Bihari Bajpayee praised him saying, “750 sansado mai akele nikle Sharad Pawar” (From 750 parliamentarians only Sharad Pawar rose to the occasion for help). Sharad Pawar stands tall amongst all due to all his above-mentioned qualities and works ethics. He is an inspiration for the generations to come and on the occasion of his birthday, we hope that God bless him with a healthy and hearty life ahead!.