BJP And Its Leaders Are Not Taking India On The Progressive Path But The Regressive One

Here Are Instances That Proves BJP And Its Leaders In The Era Of Modern Technology Want Citizens To Believe In Primitive Ideas Taking India On The Regressive Path


India is one of the developing countries in the world and its development is taking place at a rapid pace. India is rapidly growing in all domains, especially in science and technology. However, in this era, there are leaders from the ruling BJP who make statements that are not only outlandish but also misguiding and which crop up the question of the nation’s progress.

Some leaders make unscientific claims that at the time if implemented then can prove fatal. We especially witnessed this when the Covid pandemic was creating havoc in the nation. People were searching for oxygen, ventilators medicine, and ICU beds, there was a shortage of medicines during that time these leaders unscientific methods to prevent corona.

Taking from drinking cow urine to chanting mantras they came up with various tricks which at times are funny but on a serious note if people representatives are going to make such baseless claims and statements then how the nation will make progress is the question and it will reverse the development of the nation.

Statment By MP CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Recently, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made a statement saying cow dung and cow urine can strengthen the country’s economy. While addressing a convention of the women’s wing of the Indian Veterinary Association in Bhopal he said,  “A lot of work cannot progress without cows or ox. Therefore, they are very crucial. Cows, their dung and urine can help strengthen the economy of the state and the country if a proper system is put in place.”

Advice Of Performing Yagna

In May 2019, Usha Thakur Culture Minister of Madhya Pradesh advised performing a ‘yagna chikitsa’ to restrain the third wave of Covid-19. She suggested people conduct yaga to purify their environment which according to her will result in stopping the spread of the virus infection. Thakur added that conducting the yaga for four consecutive days will purify the vicinity and the third wave of Covid-19 will not even touch India.

Uttrar Pradesh Instance

In another instance, BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh Surendra Singh stated that consuming cow urine protected him from the Covid-19. He also prescribed people to drink a mix of 50 ml cow urine with 100 ml water. Later he added it works even against heart disease.

Incident In Meerut

Another BJP leader from Meerut blowing shankh and carrying ‘holy smoke’ will stop the spread of the coronavirus. His video had gone viral on social media in which he was seen in the rickshaw Meerut blowing shankh and carrying ‘holy smoke’ He was heard chanting ‘Jai Sriram’ and ‘Har Har Mahadev’. As a justification for his actions, he said holy smoke will add to the oxygen concentration in the air and turn will help people recover fast from the disease.

Statement By Former Uttarakhand CM

Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirvendra Singh Rawat had made a statement saying, “Coronavirus is also a living organism and has the right to live like the rest of us. But humans think of themselves as superior and are trying to eliminate it. So it is constantly mutating itself.” This statement had gone viral on social media and was excoriated by many.

Thus these kinds of statements and acts are idiosyncratic and can prove harmful if implemented. All these leaders are people’s representatives so technically they should be more cautious while making any statement as it will have an impact on many. However, the medical experts have warned against such unscientific claims and urged people to seek expert opinion and treatment from authorized experts.