Chile Presidential Election: New Era Commences In Chile With Young Learned Leftist Leader Gabriel Boric Becoming The New President; Chile In The Hands Of Visionary

Chile Went Through The Presidential Election And The People Have Voted Former Students Leader Gabriel Boric As Their New President By Changing The Game For Jose Antonio Kast


Gabriel Boric is all set to become the youngest president of Chile. He was an unexpected and underdog candidate for the presidential election. He was in opposition to Jose Antonio Kast. Initially, the wave of support was for the far-right leader Kast but later Gabriel gained more support turning the tables for Kast. A fear was expressed by many that if Kast gets elected as the President then Chile will again go into the hands of a dictatorship as Kast was a staunch supporter of Augusto Pinochet.

The New Era For Chile

But now with a leftist leader being elected, there is a sigh of relief for the citizens as Gabriel is the leader who believes in Democratic values. He ran his political campaign effectively. He did not personally criticize his detractors but focused on the topics like development, economic reforms, etc. In the election, Gabriel got the highest percentage of votes that is 56% while Kast received 44% of votes.

Reasons Chile Voted For Gabriel Boric

The political situation in the country was heated up for the last years two years with several protests taking place in the capital city Santiago against corruption and inequality. Gabriel has put across altogether a new development vision for the country which was far more distinct from the vision put forward by the Kast. Gabriel’s party have never been elected to power before this.

Promises Offered By Gabriel

Boric has assured the fellow citizens of eliminating economic inequality which is on the large scale in Chile.  According to the reports of the UN Chile is the nation with one of the world’s largest gaps in the economy in which only 1% of the country’s population is owning 25% of its wealth. Thus he has said to reform the economy along with pension and healthcare system.

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Emphasis On Development

He has also emphasized on country’s green investment and making it more environmentally friendly as a part of that he said he will halt the controversial mining project that will destroy the national natural environment. He has proposed socially inclusive policies that will preserve human rights and the market-oriented economic model for Chile.

Victory Speech Of Gabriel

After he got the clear mandate as the president he gave the victory speech to the crowd who has thronged the streets of Chile to hear the vision of the newly elected president. His speech proved that he is the leader of the masses and will work for all the sections of the country. He expressed gratitude to his voters and humbly gave out messages even for those who did not vote for him.

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He is going to take everyone together with him to take chile on the greater highest. He got massive support from Chile’s youngsters who have faith in the vision of Gabriel Boric and opted for a new era. Many in Chile has termed this as the ‘Real Change.’ The citizen of Chile wants reform, development, and stability in the nation.