Escalating Migrants Crisis On The Border Of Poland- Belarus Have Consequences On Entire Europe

Tension On The Borders Of Poland And Belarus All Because Of The So-Called Last Dictator Of Europe Belarus’ leader Alexander Lukashenko.


The critical humanitarian crisis has unfolded in Europe’s Belarus as the citizens have to live in misery under the authoritarian leadership of Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus is alleged for using its countrymen as tools to use in war and use them as pawns in geopolitical disputes. There was a massive disappointment amongst the citizens of Belarus they had protested against the leader Lukashenko and during the protest around 35,000 citizens were arrested.

Humanitarian Crisis In Belarus

Belarus is facing several severe sanctions from the US and the European Union. It has cut imports of the Belarus popular commodities that include petroleum products and potash. The EU alleged Lukashenko of misusing the migrants as middlemen against the 27-nation bloc in vengeance for the sanctions. However, Lukashenko denies igniting the flow of migrants and accused the EU is violating migrants’ rights by refusing them safe passage.

Border Crisis Between Belarus And Poland

The borders crisis between Belarus and Poland emerged when earlier in the week of November when a large number of people flocked near the border of Poland. Migrants tried to breach the border by cutting the fence but polish security personnel did not let them in. Amidst this quarrel, eight people lost their lives. The struggling migrants are residing on the border on chilly freezing days and nights.

Poland And European Union

Poland has received full-fledged support from the European Union and also extended support to Latvia and Lithuania. Further, European Union is planning to impose more sanction on Belarus and have shown readiness to provide physical infrastructure like barriers and fences to aid Poland on the border. The opposition leaders from Belarus have shown complete solidarity with European Union and have asked them to impose even stringent sanctions like a ban on the transit of cargo via Belarus.

Role Of Russia

Russia has been dragged amidst the turmoil. Poland has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being the mastermind behind all this mayhem on the border and geopolitical crisis. In response, Putin had denied the accusation and has criticized European Union for its double standards. According to the reports Russia is the strongest ally of Belarus and Lukashenko’s government has received loans and political aid from Russia.

What Might Happen In Geopolitical Crisis

In the coming days, it is predicted that the geopolitical situation may worsen and Belarus’s authoritarian leader might pressurize European Union to ease the sanctions. Belarus has approximately 20,000 migrants from middle-east Asia and Africa and many of them are facing a financial crisis. However, amongst all of these situations, migrants are facing most problems and are considering themselves as football as both countries are not ready to welcome them.

Social Media And Poland-Belarus Dispute

The border dispute is closely watched on social media. Some are favoring Poland’s stand while some are accusing Poland of violating human and migrant rights. Moscow too has shared photos and videos on social media of Russia displaying two of its bombers keeping an eye on Belarusian airspace.