Farm Laws Will Be Repealed! But At The Cost Of Human Life, Conspiracies, Struggle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Announced That The Farm Laws Will Be Repealed But Its Too Late To Celebrate The Decision As It Has Come After Loss Of Many Farmers’ Life


On Friday morning November 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation announced that the central government will revoke the three contentious farm laws. Because of these farm laws, farmers from across India and especially from Punjab and Haryana are protesting on the borders of the capital city of Delhi for almost a year now.

Farm Laws Will Be Canceled

The decision came on the day of Guru Nanak Jayanti which marks the birth anniversary of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak in Punjab. In his address to the nation, prime minister Narendra Modi apologized to the people especially farmers with a humble heart and urged them to call off their year-long protest for the cancellation of the laws.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Announcement

Though this decision is welcomed by many especially BJP leaders it’s quite long enough for prime minister Narendra Modi to make and announce this decision. The blind followers of BJP and Narendra Modi are highlighting today’s announcement of PM saying he became emotional and bowed down because farmers’ interest was more important to him than his ego and decision.

BJP And Farmers’ Protest

But the question is why it took a year to realize farmers’ interest and to become emotional? Why did PM Modi did not get sentimental when farmers lost their lives during a protest. When a youngster a son of the leader from his party crushed farmers through his car that time as well PM Modi did not get emotional or felt sympathetic.

If BJP and its leaders including PM Modi respected farmers so much then why were the same farmers treated as outsiders in their own country? Why were they blocked on the borders of Delhi? They were given treatment as if they were enemies as fencing, iron nails and other blockades were placed on the streets to stop them.

Incidents In One Year Of Farmers Protest

Meanwhile, India got defamed globally because of these protests. It had called the attention of popular personalities from across the globe and the coverage of the international media. Canada’s government had also expressed concern about the ongoing protest. Popstar Rihana had also talked about the protest which was later made controversy in India.

One will never be able to forget the unfortunate incident on 26 January 2021 at Red fort.  In this duration of one year so many journalists, social activists, youth leaders had to face serious charges like sedition or anti-nationals just because they were supporting the protesting farmers. So many conspiracies were created in this one year to stop and break the farmers’ protest.

BJP Politics

Today’s announcement also has hidden agenda for BJP. In the recent by-polls that were conducted across India BJP did not get a good response as their leaders at several seats did not get elected. Also, assembly elections are due in the coming year thus to woo farmers this decision appears to be taken. It is for election propaganda.

But one should not forget that because of the arrogant and obstinate central government so many farmers lost their precious lives. Political turbulence was created in the nation. However, a sincere acknowledgment to farmers for their power, courage, and unity.