Fire Incidents In Various Hospitals Of India Are Reflecting India’s Poor Health Infrastructure

In the last two days, two unfortunate deadly incidents of fire breaking out in Bhopal and Ahmednagar hospitals have left the nation heart-wrenched as many innocents lost their lives.


The outbreak of the covid pandemic in March 2020 in India revealed the poor conditions of health infrastructure in India. Yet, again the second wave of covid in March 2021highlighetd the same problem. The biggest flex in India is that we do not learn from past mistakes. Experiencing the wrath of the first wave of covid, the government should have learned from it and should have prepared for the worst-case scenario.

However, that did not happen. The government become lenient and that was the reason the second wave hit us hard than the one earlier. In the second wave, people have to face several problems taking from a shortage of medicines to oxygen beds and even ventilators. This life-saving technology wasn’t in ample that could save people many have lost their lives due to shortage of these essentials.

The crematoriums were full there was no place to burn the pyres of dead bodies people started literally throwing dead bodies in rivers. It was a terrifying and at the same time heart-wrenching situation. All these incidents became the mirror and showed us the dreadful poor condition of health infrastructure and medicare as a concept in the nation.

Bhopal And Ahmednagar Fire Incident

The recent incidents of fire breaking out in hospitals in Ahmednagar and Bhopal which left 14 dead including four newborn babies is horrendous. These incidents happened with a time span of two days. Further, earlier this year several other incidents took place in hospitals at various locations resulting in the death of many innocent lives.

Earlier Similar Incidents Of Mishaps

In April 2021 in Nashik, 24 people had to lose their lives because the oxygen supply was disrupted due to a leakage in the main oxygen storage tank.  In January 2021, 10 newborn babies died to fire outbreak in Bhandara hospital. In Gujarat, 3 fire incidents took place leaving 21 dead in the month of March, April, and May.

Dr. Raj Mehata (radiologist) said, “Health infrastructure has been the same since the time I joined medicine as a career. Incidents are unfortunate. With the poor infrastructure and handling of the facilities also the medical staff is overworked leading to such unfortunate incidents.”

Need To Prevent Fire And Other Incidents

These recurring unfortunate incidents of mishaps in different hospitals of India need to mitigate and eventually be put on a halt.  A lot of budget allocation should be done for the healthcare of the nation now it’s beyond high time. Fire audit, the structural audit also should be done on a regular basis of each and every hospital and clinic in the country.

Emphasis On Healthcare

On the one hand lot of money is put in for government projects like central vista, or construction of temples and squares, memorials, statues, etc but the key issue of healthcare is neglected. Not enough importance is given to it. When due to the irresponsibility and neglect of others innocents have to lose their lives. Many mothers lost their newborn children. Some lost their loved ones in the fire or due to oxygen leakage.

Later, committees are formed to probe the incidents that are correct as a part of the legal procedure but the lost human lives are not going to get their lives again. Government announces compensations in monetary terms to the family of the victims but one should remember that no amount of money can compensate the cost of human life. Authorities should work on how such incidents can be prevented and what measures need to be taken for the same.