First Youth Organization Which Comes To Help People Is Maharashtra Youth Congress – Satyajeet Tambe


Every political party has a youth wing. It is a platform for the youngsters within the party to explore and do networking, especially at the grassroots level. It is because of the youth wing that the party reaches every nook and corner of the state through their work. Congress is part of the ruling MahaVikasAghadi government in the state while in opposition in the center. However, after the 2019 state assembly elections Congress’ Youth Wing in the state Maharashtra Youth Congress changed its strategies.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Political Bloc,’ Maharashtra  Youth Congress president Satyajeet Tambe shared the campaign details of the youth Congress to Youth Congress’ stand on various issues taking from restrictions imposed on social media to young leaders being suppressed by the central government and more.

Talking about the Super 1000 campaign initiated by Youth Congress he said, “Super 1000 is a very novel idea to give an opportunity to new youngsters to contest local bodies election like Zilla Parishad, panchayat Samiti, Mahanagar Palika we have received almost 1200 plus registrations for this so far out of which we will select 1000 constituencies and 1000 candidates. We will be grooming them to contest the election we will give them training. We will make sure that we make strong and capable candidates this is a new idea to a built new relationship with the next generation.”

Sharing about how Maharashtra Youth Congress is working to attract rural and urban youth he stated, “since I became president in 2018, we have been continuously working on various issues right from agitations, programs and very innovative things we have brought on board as a party. Also during covid first and second wave or any disaster or crisis in Maharashtra the first youth organization which goes to help people is Maharashtra youth congress.”

“ We saw so many flood situations in past few years in the state. During pandemic situations we organization blood donations camps in huge numbers along with helping people with ICU beds, oxygen, medicines, etc. We even helped the migrant laborers. So I’m sure that we have done enough to create an impression amongst people that youth congress is there when people need us,” he added.

Expressing views on restrictions being imposed on Social Media especially platforms like Facebook and Twitter he firmly criticized the ban on MP Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle and the accounts of the congress leaders, “we see after 2014 in India the core values of constitution of India are being challenged. I would say Twitter banning the Twitter handle of Mr. Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders is also one such step so I strongly condemn such activities by any social media platform. In a democracy there should be respect for the opinion even if it is criticism,” said Tambe.

“There is no doubt in that in last Seven years we have seen in India when we speak against the establishment there is resistance from the various agencies restrictions comes in from various people and a lot of people have faced it. I would rather say that BJP and its leaders in central government are taking this country towards dictatorship. And it is not good for our country,” stated Tambe as he talked about the central government trying to suppress the voice of the youth.

Spilling the beans about his future in the party whether he will continue to work in Maharashtra or would like to get active at the national level he revealed, “I would like to work in Maharashtra because I come from grass root level politics I have worked as a Zilla Parishad member for ten years. And my heart always prefers local politics. But yes when you work in a national party like congress you have to follow the orders given by the leadership. And whatever leadership says I’ll definitely follow that.”