Five Times M K Stalin Won Our Hearts Since He Became The CM Of Tamil Nadu


On May 2, 2021, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) under the leadership of M K Stalin won the thumping victory in the Tamil Nadu assembly elections. It was for the first time the party conducted this important election without its former head M Karunanidhi.  Well, this win was victorious as DMK managed to get majority votes and form the government at the time India had the wave and influence of Prime Minister Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

M K Stalin took the oath as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on May 7, 2021. It has been almost three months now since he took charge of the office of CM and he has already made headlines nationally for his decisions on various topics. At times he has strongly criticized his oppositions and even the central government for its stands. While he has taken some outstanding decisions for the state and its well-being that not only won the hearts of the citizens of Tamil Nadu but his followers across the nation.

Here we take a look at five instances were through his firm stands since he became the CM;

Visiting Covid Hospital-

Chief Minister M K Stalin on May 30th, decided to review the medical facilities in various districts of the state like Coimbatore, Erode, and Tirupur. He was seen wearing a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit in the video and meeting patients which eventually went viral on social media. People applauded him for this gesture and saying CM working on the field.

Appointing economic advisor of the state-

International economic experts Noble laureate Esther Duflo, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, former Indian government advisor Arvind Subramaniam, former union finance secretary S Narayan and economist Jean Dreze are appointed as the economic advisor for the state which is no less than a ‘super squad.’  These decisions not only gauged national attention but also made headlines in the global media. The team is going to work on the economic growth and stability in the state.

Stalin’s decision on Coastal Laws-

To condemn the new draft of the Indian Ports Bill 2021 M K Stalin wrote a letter to nine chief ministers of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Andra Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, and the Union Territory of Puducherry. According to him, the bill will have an unfavorable impact on the control of small ports and will mitigate the state government’s interference in the port’s management and regulation. This also displayed his way of working with his counterparts.

DMK’s stand on ‘India is Union’-

BJP had strongly criticized the DMK’s use of the term ‘Union of India’ while referring to the central government. To their harsh criticism, M K Stalin brilliantly responded putting across his point saying, “It is not a social crime to refer to the central government as the Union government. According to the Indian Constitution, India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of states. We are using the term according to the Indian Constitution and so we use the term Union government and will continue to use the term.” This tussle with BJP and his response got him massive support.

Free vaccines in private hospitals in Tamil Nadu

M K Stalin has announced a scheme of free vaccines for citizens in a private hospital as well, in-state. This announcement was welcomed and acknowledged by many. He has said that free vaccines in private hospitals will be provided through the CSR initiative. The initiative commenced on July 28th, and will gradually be implemented in all the districts of the state.