From India To Japan Arms Race In Asia Intensifies Highlighting Turbulence In The Region

Several Countries In The South Asian Region Taking From India To China, Japan Is Signifying How Countries Are Focusing On Increasing Arms And Force Strength


China is in the headline for its military advancements. The country recently developed an aircraft carrier as powerful as one of the US’ craft. China is currently with Taiwan and US over the borders of Taiwan. It is constantly making china’s presence and prominence felt in the region. However, in the current scenario, many Asian countries are in the race of advancement as the development of one ignites fear of being left behind in other.

Disputes Among Asian Countries

To add on these countries have several disputes amongst themselves with border dispute and old enmity remains the prime reason. Japan and South Korea are strengthening their military and weapons keeping in view the threats from North Korea and China. Any development in Japan and South Korea disturbs North Korea and China too as the communist country wants its dominance in the Asian continent.

India And Its Neighbors- China And Pakistan

India, on the other hand, has invested a lot in the military as it has two rivals as its neighbors’ china in the east and Pakistan in the west. The Line of Control (LOC) and the Line of Actual Control (LAC) remain a major concern for India. There has been a constant ceasefire breach on the LOC while china from the last few years has increased its advancement at LAC. The Galwan valley incident and the doklam stand-off are the two instances of the rivalry between China and India.

China In The South China Sea

China at the present time is claiming the power in south china sea by increasing its militia and maritime patrolling in the region. Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, and Taiwan also stake their claim in the South China Sea which China blatantly refuses to agree with and increases its aggression. The United States has warned China of disturbing regional peace and security in the region as the Philippines have firmly condemned china’s aggression.  The United States has extended its support to the Philippines and Taiwan.

China, Japan And South Korea’s Arms Race

China is bolstering its military in all forms taking from navy to air force. China under President Xi Jinping is a country with the world’s largest navy and its army armed with advanced fighter jets with increasing nuclear weaponry. In Japan prime minister Fumio Kishida had ought to double its military budget. The country faces a major threat from Bejing and Pyongyang and thus is planning to deploy new missiles in the coming year. It has also purchased F-35 fighter jets from the US.

South Korea had earlier announced it successfully tested Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile as it has to deal with its rival North Korea under president Kim Jong Un who is known for his obsession with testing nuclear weapons and strengthening its military even if the North Koreans die of starving. China two keeps an eye on Seoul through its routine patrolling which South Korea calls a violation of airspace.

Challenge For The United States

One of the greatest challenges for the US and president Joe Biden is to regain the trust of these Asian countries. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign ‘America First’ and recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan left this country disturbed resulting in advancing its military base not completely relying on the United States for aid.

Though president Biden is working and strengthening its influence in the Indo-Pacific, and improving bilateral ties with countries he still has to do a lot to regain the US’ dominance in the region. However, this has led to the arms race in the region.