From Myanmar To Uganda, Belarus These Are The 5 Countries Where The Opposition Leaders Are ‘Under House Arrest’  

Reasons Like Military Coup Or Unstable Government Are The Prime Reasons For The Leaders Have To Go Through Under House Arrest. It Is Harmful To Democracy.


In several countries when people protest against the government or are disappointed with it and the opposition leader who leads the movement has the threat of getting imprisoned. Such countries are mostly ruled by autocratic leaders or the ones that are under the military coup. In these countries there is an infringement of human rights is on large scale.

People protest for their rights, for the change due to which at times situation gets out of control and riots and violence takes place. Many people lose their lives in it and also there is a loss of finance and infrastructure. In today’s world, many countries are under the reign of autocratic leaders. For whom the nation comes first then the world peace and security. One example of that would be former US President Donald Trump’s ‘America First; campaign.

Countries like Belarus, Uganda, Myanmar, Lativa are facing a grave crisis of instability and the political situation is in turmoil. These countries also have to face internet blackouts frequently and cannot implement their freedom of speech and expression. The media is controlled by the state. And the pro-democratic leaders of such countries have to face stringent action in the court of law which too are more or less biased and are sentenced to imprisonment.

Here we take a look at the situation in five countries where the opposition leaders have to face the charges and are under house arrest.


Belarusian pro-democratic opposition leader Sergei Tsikhanouskaya is sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment. He is the leader who organized and lead agitation against authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko. In the recent past, Belarus is going through a lot with one of the worst humanitarian crises and the immigrant’s issue which resulted in a dispute with Poland. Tsikhanouskaya is charged with organizing riots and inciting social hatred along with many other charges.


Uganda will soon set out for by-election. Thus, Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine is under house arrest. This is termed as a cowardly move by many. Security forces and army personnel has surrounded his house putting him under arrest as now he will be unable to campaign in the election rallies. The politician took to his Twitter account and posted about the same.

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One of the strong dissenters of the current Latvian PM Karins and president Levits member of parliament Gobzems was arrested by police he was dragged by the riot police into the van. He has been very vocal about the PM and president. He had also alleged them of ‘wrongdoing’ of public funds that is received during the covid pandemic.


Myanmar leader who was elected by the people through fair elections and huge margin Aung Sann Su Kyi been under detention for 11 months. The countries are facing several crises from economic to health. Recently by the court, she was found guilty of a few charges and was announced four years of imprisonment. However, there are several allegations against her and proceedings are going on. Currently, the country is under military rule.

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Opposition leader of Benin and ex-justice minister Reckya Madougou is sentenced to 20 years in prison under charges of terrorism. Political analysts have termed this as a planned attack by president Patrice Talon. Madougou was arrested just before the election.