From Tornado In The US To Typhoon In Philippines World Is Facing The Wrath Of Natural Disaster And Climate Change

Several Countries In the World Including US, Philippines Are Facing Disasterous Problems For Which The Prime Reason Is Climate Change


The loss of human life, infrastructure, and economy has increased exponentially due to the natural calamities that are taking place across the globe in various countries and different forms. From earthquakes to cyclones and floods the natural disasters are posing an immense threat to life not just of humans but wildlife as well which is eventually affecting the entire eco-system.

Climate change is one of the biggest crises that the world is facing all the nations are coming together to battle the same but whether they are doing enough is the question? Summits are organized at global levels like the recent COP26 in which nations assure put across their plans to tackle the crisis. But planning and execution are two different things. Execution of the prepared plans should happen efficiently.

Here we take a look at the current 5 natural calamities different nations are facing while already battling with the Covid pandemic.

Tornado (US)

Kentucky is completely devastated because of the tornado. Large-scale rehabilitation and rescue operations are going on in the region. Several people have lost their lives while many are fatally injured. This tornado is considered the worst outbreak in US history. As per the reports, the estimated cost of the damage caused due to Tornado is $18 billion. The tornado was so disastrous that houses were swept by it.

Typhoon (Philippines)

Typhoon Rai has created havoc in the country with leaving many dead and the country in mayhem with cities flooded, trees uprooted, electric poles damaged, landslides creating instability in the everyday lives of the citizens of the Philippines.  The rescue operation has begun in the country yet its aftermath has left many in shock and grave financial crisis.

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Floods (Iraq)

The torrential rains which resulted in the flash floods have left Iraq in chaos. Vehicles and homes were washed away in these floods. Iraq is already in a financial crisis with political turmoil in the nation. According to the reports, 12 people so far have lost their lives in floods including foreigners. The flood was startling as it came into a drought-prone region.

Wildfire (Kansas – US)

Massive wind storms with around the speed of reaching 100 miles per hour resulted in the ignition of wildfire in the state. Gusty winds, dry air, and warm temperatures created conditions that could easily ignite the wildfires. As per the meteorological experts, the winds that created the tornado are the same that resulted in a wildfire. The wildfires increasing day by day which is a huge existential threat to extinct species of birds and animals?

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Earthquake (Fiji)

The island nation Fiji experienced an earthquake with 5.7 magnitudes yesterday which disturbed the daily life of the citizens.  However, Fiji is a country that frequently experiences earthquakes due to its geographical dimensions. But every time it has to recover from its after-effects.