Germany, Angela Merkel, World And An Era!

Germany one of the most powerful nations of the world is ruled by a powerful lady chancellor Angela Merkel for 16 years.


In the world, already there are a handful of countries that has a female president, prime minister, or chancellor, and Germany one of the most powerful nations of the European Union was ruled by a powerful lady chancellor Angela Merkel for 16 years. It’s a big term to govern any country. But, now the tables are turned and soon she will step down as the Chancellor of Germany.

As per the initial results, Germany’s left Social Democrats has managed to win the election with less margin. Merkel’s CDU-CSU conservative parties garnered a 24.1 % vote share which is their lowest performance in the last 70 years. Until the new government is established in the country Merkel will play the role of the caretaker leader. Olaf Scholz the leader of SPD is the candidate for being the next chancellor of Germany.

Merkel went against the storm to become the first woman Chancellor from the conservative party. She is known as one of the most diplomatic leaders in the European continent. The strong leader who worked pragmatically because of which she was able to form the coalition government not once but thrice. She performed exceptionally well in all the three verticals-Economy, Politics, and Society.

Under Angela Merkel’s leadership, surpassed France, Spain, Italy, and the UK to carry out vigorous export following the US and China. The unemployment level in Germany was mitigated and 5 million people got new jobs. The novel scheme which she carried out during the financial crisis and the covid pandemic called Short Time Work scheme resulted in the saving of jobs and as subsidies were provided to the firms keep employees working.

Without any fear of criticism, she took decisions ever since she came to power. As a chancellor of Germany is played a vital role in the decision-making of the European Union. As it has faced several problems over the years taking from the financial crisis in 2008, Greece’s bailout in 2010, the refugee crisis to the Brexit deal, and even the pandemic.

Merkel received praise from all over the world for her handling of the covid situation in Germany. Her firm stances on the climate change crisis have given her a new title- Climate Chancellor. She emphasized a low-carbon future for Germany and Europe and pushed for a renewable and sustainable economy.

As Germany’s head, she is signed several pacts, treaties, and bilateral ties with countries across the world. She put forth Germany at the United Nations as well. All of these will change with her stepping down as the chancellor of Germany and the change in power in the country.