Google’s Decision To Ban Political Ads Is Commendable And An Action Which Even Twitter And Facebook Should Think Of!  

Platforms Like Twitter, Facebook, Google Are Very Influential And Because Of Its Reach They Are Used As Mediums By Political Leaders Around The World To Manipulate People 


Tech giant Google recently announced that it will ban political ads on its platform during the election in the Philippines which is set to take place in May 2022.  In its official statement, the firm said that it will not run any political ad during any election campaign or in the silence period. It further added for google running any political ad is like a paid promotion or opposing any particular or candidate.

Google’s Statement

This decision by Google has to be lauded because today is such a time that digital platform like google is ruling over the world’s technology. It is well aware of its users how they work, what ideology they follow, it tracks everything action of all its users. It has the power to run an agenda for the political parties and provide users only the information they want to see or know about.

Previous Uses Of Facebook, Twitter, Google

The last decade has seen the rise of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google which played a vital role in the politics of many countries globally. The use of these platforms was first majorly used by Barack Obama for his presidential campaigns to woo young voters. Later, it was used by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to run his campaigns both in 2014 and 2019.

Politicians And Social Media

Uses of these mediums played a major role in the 2016 US presidential elections in fact it was said by the experts that Donald Trump won the election because of a platform like Facebook. Later, the firm was also alleged of data breach and right to privacy. Thus the platforms which were like by the people and politicians once is now overpowered and has become a threat to democracy.

Threat To Democracy

Now the circumstances are such that due to the platforms’ ability to target potential users one by one and can extract what political ideologies they follow and believe in it possess a threat to democratic values. These platforms have crossed the level of influencing people to manipulate them. And political leaders use them to run their agendas.

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This has led to the creation of instability and social imbalance on social media. We get to see a lot of hatred being spread on these platforms. People just try to prove their point or belief about any issue and are reluctant to hear out others’ opinions. Social media today is divided into two groups one of the extremists and the other of liberals.

Ad Policy Of Google, Twitter, Facebook

The instance of US capitol riots explains how excessive use of Facebook, Twitter by political parties, leaders become dangerous for democracy and creates turmoil in society. The political leaders are so overly using social media that the platforms are taking stringent actions against the user and banning their accounts.

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Thus the decision of Google to ban political ads during elections in the Philippines has to be appreciated and they should follow this policy during elections in every country. And the same policy should be followed by Twitter and Facebook so the which will help to sustain platforms’ credibility and maintain harmony.