Hindu And Hindutvavadi, Nationalist And Nationalism Where To Draw The Line?

In India Current Socio-Political Is Such That Hinudutvavadi Is Made Synonymous To Nationalist And Hindu, Hinduism Is Claimed To Be Synonymous With Nationalism 


Since 2014, words like nationalism, nationalist, hindutvavadi, etc have gained a lot of prominence in India. With a right-wing party establishing a government in the world’s largest democratic country was in a way astonishing. People wanted ‘change.’ And the current ruling party very well put across the idea of ‘change’ and ‘development’ in the minds of citizens that they were elected for the second consecutive tenure in 2019.

Pluralistic India

India is a nation that does not have any particular definition but is known for distinct aspects of diversity in religion, race, culture, caste, language, ethnicity, geographically as well. India from the time of its formation in 1947 is known for being ‘Pluralistic.’ As it assured every Indian citizen irrespective of their above-mentioned parameters security and freedom and liberty for everything guaranteed by the constitution.

Hindu Religion

Though the population of the citizens of the Hindu religion was in majority, the citizens of the other religions too were of sizeable number with Muslims becoming the largest minority community in the country. Later, as India was growing as an independent sovereign country it first witnessed the rise of casteism in India.

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BJP’s Hindutva

Politicians started using caste to woo voters of different groups and considered as their vote banks which are eminent to date. Later, with Janata Party, now BJP was emerging as a new political alternative for the citizens of India to govern. And they used religion as a tool to bring people on one platform based on their religion that is ‘Hindu.’

Nationalism And Hinduism

Since then politics based on religion commenced. Today we have reached such a point that religion has become synonymous with nationalism. The definition of being nationalist and nationalism have changed become more intense. Hinduism is directly connected with nationalism. Religion is playing a major role in Indian politics since 2014. The situation is such that minor communities are living under fear and threat. A recent example of this would be the anti-caa protests that took place across the nation.

Hindu And Hinduism

Earlier a hardcore critic of the government was considered as a nationalist but now one speaks against the government or excoriates its policies is immediately tagged as anti-national. The meaning of the terms is widely changed. There was a time when being Indian was considered more important than any other parameter. But now religion matters a lot.

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Having been born in the soil of a particular nation was enough to call the nationalist of that person but now race, religion, language have gained prominence. Religion has become a political ideology. In India, some liberals are Hindus but do not believe in Hindutva ideology. Thus it is not the case that if one is Hindu he must be following the Hindutva ideology.


Hinduism is different for liberals who are brought down to the level of the joke by the hindutvavadis and it is different for hardcore hindutvavadi. Hinduism is a way of life but there are two ways one of being liberal and the other being hindutvavadi who have rage and hatred and blindfolded themselves with a certain ideology.