How The World Is Dealing With New Covid Variant Omicron And What Do We Know So Far!

While The World Is Slowly Recovering From Two Waves Of Covid With Few Vaccines Available The World Is Facing Yet New Problem Of Covid Variant Omicron Which Is Appearing Even More Deadly


The covid pandemic has created havoc in the world for the last two years and continues to do so however the situation has improved to a certain extent for these two years as from being completely naive about the new virus to developing vaccines and resuming the world in a way is commendable. But now the new threat looms of Omicron the new variant of covid which according to medical experts is more dangerous than the one earlier.

Omicron And Old Variant Delta

This new variant of covid is first announced by the South African countries which made them tense and was proving troublesome. As soon as the news broke the World health organization after doing multiple research named this variant of Covid as ‘Omicron.’ Currently, scientists are working on figuring out how this variant if differences and similarities  between the earlier variant called ‘Delta.’

Initial Steps To Deal With Omicron

Tests are done rapidly across the world to check the spread and pace of the spread of the variant among people. Multiple aspects are taken into consideration for instance if people who are fully vaccinated are getting infected by the new variant or not, if yes what is the graveness of the infection, if there are any other symptoms in any kind of new disease to the infected patients etc.

The Concept Of Pseudovirus

Many vaccine manufacturing firms like AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and its partner BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson have started experiments on their level to combat the Omicron variant. They are using the technique of Pseudovirus that is taking blood samples of vaccinated citizens and patients who have recovered from recent infections and mixing them with samples of the new variant to check how immune cells and proteins work against it.

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Impact Of Omicron Variant On World Travel

The world health organization had suggested travel restrictions globally as an immediate action to curb the spread of the new variant. So far the patients of new variants are reported in 24 countries. Travel history of patients is checked in countries especially if the traveler has visited South Africa in recent times. Brazil, Lebanon, India, UAE, etc are some of the countries where Omicron infected patient is found.

How The Mutations Of This Variant Can Occur

Mutations have far more possibility to occur in people with weakened immune systems as their immunity power is weak they are bound to take more time to clear the virus, giving it more time to multiply and spread, in unvaccinated people, as their immune systems are not boosted by vaccines to destroy the virus quickly before it becomes vulnerable to mutate. As per medical experts, The Omicron variant features 30 mutations.

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It is time for the world to yet again co-operate with each other in every possible way so the fight against covid becomes even stronger. Just because the variant was first detected in South Africa people should not discriminate against them on any basis isolating people from any region is unfair and inhuman.