In The First Week Of New Year, North Korea Tested ‘Unidentified’ Missile- Just A Beginning Of Executing Kim Jong Un’s Intentions

North Korean Authoritative Leader Tested Unidentified Missile Whose Fantasy Is To Increase Its Military Strength Above Everything When South Korea Tries To Resume Peace


Kim Jong Un the secretive and ruthless authoritative leader of North Korea fired an unidentified projectile in the Korean peninsula sea at the start of the new year. He is weapons and arms fanatic who wants all types of weapons in his country even when people are dying of hunger and in immense misery.

As per the reports it is suspected to be a ballistic missile but there is no confirmation yet on the same. Even after the UN restricted North Korea from nuclear weapons tests and ballistic missile tests, it continues to breach the restrictions. Yesterday itself the news broke that five UN Security Council permanent members have decided to avoid nuclear war and emphasize non-proliferation of Nuclear weapons and today North Korea tested the projectile which depicts how difficult the task is to maintain peace and security.

Thus if the reports are to be believed then it will be the first launch of North Korea this year. The US and South Korean intelligence are working to get further details about the incident. It appears this is just the beginning of the execution of Kim Jong Un’s disastrous plan. As ever since he took the reins of power in his hand his prime motto is to strengthen its military.

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Also, stalled talks with the US and South Korea have added to new anxiety for North Korea. They are of the opinion that the US and South Korea are trying to create disability in the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang has given out a loud and clear message that it will continue to advance its military. Thus there is the possibility of more such tests happening in the near future.

In the year 2021, North Korea had tested different missiles like a hypersonic missile, long-range cruise missile, train-based ballistic missile with a view to strengthening its arms forces. Asian countries like Japan, South Korea are raising concerns about North Korea’s ambitions. In 2017 North Korea had fired a Hwasong-15 missile which struck just a few distances away from the US military base.

Recently, a defector was identified in South Korea who had managed to cross the border which is under immense security.  He was interrogated by South Korea’s military men under the suspicion of him being a North Korean spy. Life in North Korea has become miserable with financial problems and the majority of citizens on the brink of starvation.

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South Korea has always opted to resolve disputes and restore peace in the Korean peninsula. But North Korea seems to have different intentions and wants to display its dominance and threat in the region. Kim shows no sign of willingness to strike peace with the south and the US. If North Korea gives up on its nuclear program then the international sanctions imposed on the nation will be eased.

But for the country seems to be in no mood of making friendly relations with anyone and continues to make its citizens vulnerable with its lunatic decisions like no one can smile or cry celebrate for 11 days many more restrictions like this.