In The New Year Rivalry Intensifies Between Israel And Hamas In Gaza; Both Sides Exchange Rockets And Blame Each Other

Missiles Were Fired From Both Sides Israel And Hamas On Sunday Which Resulted In Rise In Tension In Gaza Strip Marking Violent Start Of The New Year


Just two days ago world bid adieus to the year 2021 and welcomed 2022 hoping it will be peaceful compared to the one earlier. However, it does not appear to happen in the Gaza strip as the citizens there and the world witnessed airstrikes between Israeli Defense Force and Hamas. Sunday, January 2, 2022, Hamas fired Israeli military choppers during operations conducted by Israeli forces.

Missile Strike By Hamas 

However, according to the reports no damage was reported and the missiles had missed their targets. The missiles that were used by the Hamas were made in Russia SAM-7 missiles also known as 9K32 Sterla-2. Israel launched an attack as a retaliation of Saturday rocket attacks which were exploded at the Coast of Jaffa near Tel Aviv and the coast of Palmachim.

Israel’s Response

Hamas on its side has claimed that the missiles were not fired intentionally. It happened because of the extreme weather conditions. Israel has also said that similar incidents have happened in the past. But PM Naftali Benett has stated that Israel will not consider this as an excuse and anyone who sends rockets to Israel would face the consequences.

Egypt As Mediator Between Hamas And Israel

Though, this time Hamas has tried to clarify by keeping Egyptians as the negotiators and said that some other Palestinian Islamic terror group is responsible for the attack. And Israel in its response to Hamas via Egyptian meditators gave a firm message that such incidents are unacceptable even if they are happened by accident.

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Beginning Of A New Year

Thus it become a fiery start of a new year for Israel and Gaza which also caught the world’s attention. The good thing is so far no fatalities were reported in this incident. Hamas has accused Israel of breaching ceasefire continuously. The ceasefire was created Egypt as the negotiator with imposing blockade in Gaza restricting any movement in the region.

The deadlock remains between Israel and Hamas after the deadly attack in May. The strike carried out by Israel in may had resulted in huge loss of lives as it killed nearly 130 civilians, 100 militants and left many injured with damage to social infrastructure. In retaliation by Hamas 13 Israelis and 14 Palestinians were killed.

Situation In Gaza

The enmity between Hamas and Israel is old and continues to remain and harm peace over the years. The missiles struck between the two took place several times with at times leaving a deadly impact. But due to the rift between these two the citizens are helpless and facing several problems like unemployment, with a low standard of living many do not even have access to clean drinking water.

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For the humanitarian situation to improve in Gaza, Hamas and other Islamic groups need to negotiate with Israel. Reducing the blockade and economic sanctions by Israel can help to improve the worsening situation. Many citizens directly blame Hamas for such a crisis and their inability to solve it.