India, Indians, and Sports!


Every time India won a medal at Tokyo Olympics there is a huge display of love and appreciation for the Player or the athlete. India is represented by its biggest ever contingent of 54 para-athletes at the Tokyo Paralympics. However, the support and craze for Tokyo Paralympics are comparatively less than Tokyo Olympics which is a saddening reality. Plus the test match series is going on between India and England which but obviously getting all the support and coverage in India from people. Thus it got even more sidelined.

Taking from President and Prime Minister of the country to common everyone takes pride in their Victorious win. People also console the ones who give their best but could not earn the medal. However, this love for sports and sportsmen ignites amongst the citizens and leaders ONLY there is such a colossal sporting event like Olympics!

A lucrative amount of rewards are announced by different politicians and organizations for the Olympic medal winner. But the thing is why ain’t a monetary amount is used for the betterment sports fraternity in India? It would be of great help for ALL the sports players. It will provide our players some high-end facilities which will help them to perform better in sporting events like world championships, commonwealth games along with Olympics.

There are other such harsh realities when it comes to sport in India. Primarily, India is a country where even today Cricket has dominated the sports fraternity. No matter how many sports exist the love for cricket is ever increasing. Cricket is a sport that has a special place in heart of every Indian citizen. Thus, the citizens shouldn’t just restrict themselves from extending their support to other sports and their players only for the Olympics. All these players should get recognition and support from citizens consistently the way cricketers receive.

To add on, there is a lack of awareness about other sport games in India. The initiative to change this should be taken by the government. In every school and college of the nation, other sports should be given prominence. They also need to provide adequate facilities to the players and all the required materials for various games. The bad conditions of the government sports complexes too need to improve in all parts of the country.

Along with these, the mentality of Indian citizens has to be changed. There is a perspective that one should not make a career in sports and that too something other than Cricket. People should accept the fact that a career can be made in sport as well. Other citizens should take inspiration from the parents of the existing sports players that because of their encouragement their daughter/son are representing and making their country proud.

India as a country has a legacy of the sport. Some even go back to the time of Mahabharata. Archery, Wrestling, Javelin throw all have their significance in the great Indian Epic. Over the years the situation had to be changed Indian players have the potential they just need the right facility, our support, and encouragement!