India’s Stand For Russia At UNSC Is An Apt Example Of A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

India Owed Support To Russia At UNSC As Russia Has Been India’s Oldest, Biggest and Strongest Ally; India Pragmatically Tackled A Situation At The World Front


Western powers like France, the UK, US have strongly condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Almost a week of war-like situations in Ukraine and continuous attacks from Russian forces have left the world in a well-precedented crisis. The situation could have been averted if the West, NATO, Ukraine, and Russia would have dismantled the issues with the rounds of talks but that’s past nothing can be done about it now.

India and other countries on Russia 

There are countries like China, North Korea, UAE, that did not criticize Russia’s actions. Then comes India who at the diplomatic levels have refused to take action against Russia and subtly have put across the point that Moscow should follow the international law just like advice we give to our friends.

India Russia Ties 

Russia had stood like a rock with India in its testing time from the time when Pandit Nehru was the Prime Minister of India to date under PM Modi’s governance. Irrespective of the fact of which party is at the center the ties with Russia have just flourished over the years. And one thing for sure is that Russia is like a friend who will not just say that we got your back but will do so in real at the time of need for instance during the 1971 war with Pakistan.

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India Russia And United Nations

Russia has not helped India only through words but with actions. It has always extended its solidarity to India. Now, since the tables have turned India too has played its part fairly by abstaining to vote against Russia at the United Nations Security Council. India has done this twice which shows the world importance of ties with Russia.

India’s Diplomacy 

Also, India to maintain its diplomatic image has made a subtle statement that has in a way India is not supporting or encouraging the war. India spoke about the seriousness of “the UN Charter, international law, and respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states”, further adding “all member states need to honor these principles in finding a constructive way forward”.

Overall Situation 

Many have excoriated India that it is not taking a firm stand on the situation and being vague in its approach. On the other hand, China and North Korea have harshly criticized and blamed the US as the root cause of the war. Meanwhile, Ukraine President Voldomyr Zelensky has himself come on the battlefield urging every country and UN, EU to help Ukraine in its tough times.

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Russia And Ukraine 

Russia had problems with the current Ukraine government as it was more close and influenced by the west. Earlier in 2014, a similar situation had arisen between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine was expecting help from its allies, especially America however, Ukraine is totally disappointed by the US and the other European countries as they did not help Ukraine to combat Russian forces.

In the end, India has chosen its sides wisely!