Iran’s Nuclear Program, Israel’s Insecurity, US Attempts Of Negotiations And Vienna Talks

Talks Are Going On Between West And Vienna With Iran Over Its Nuclear Program Amidst Rising Concerns For Israel, Meanwhile, US Opted For Negotiations On New Deals


Delegations of Iran, Russia, China, France, Germany, And the United Kingdom are in Vienna for the seventh round of talks. The United States is leading the talks amongst these countries. The countries have not reached a common consensus the two issues over which there is stalemate are sanctions imposed on Iran by the west and emphasis on the rescaling of Iran’s nuclear program by the west.

Israel And US On Iran

Israel, amongst all this concerned about Tehran’s nuclear program and hence Israel, is aggressive and will stop Iran’s every attempt to strengthen its nuclear power. Before the Vienna talks commenced defense minister of Israel Benny Gantz paid his visit to Washington to meet US counterparts to discuss Iran’s nuclear program and how it is a threat to Israel and world peace and security.

Israel’s Concern And Preparation

Israel has alleged that Iran had breached its limitations of expanding its nuclear capabilities. Even in the White House concerns were raised about Iran’s advancing nuclear programs and had suggested it needed to be halted as soon as possible. Israel is prepping for the strike against Iran considering the possibility of a ‘worst-case scenario.’

Israel’s Strike On Iran

Even though Israel is showing its readiness for such an attack on Iran many have said that it will not be possible to carry out such a high-scale strike without involving America in it. Experts in the recent reports have stated that the Israeli army is unprepared for dealing with Iran and does not have any concrete plan in hand.

Iran’s Nuclear Program And Mossad

However, Mossad on Israel’s side is playing a very crucial role in halting Iran’s advancing nuclear programs. In the last 18 months, Israel has carried out some operations on Iran’s nuclear site that has left the world stunned. Israel has been successful in assassinating many of Iran’s Nuclear scientists which also includes the death of Mohsin Fakirzadeh in February. Tel Aviv has used everything from spies to high-tech weaponaries to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And well the world is aware of the potentials of Mossad.

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Iran In Vienna Talks

Iran on its side in Vienna has firmly put across the point that they want the US and the west to lift all the sanctions imposed. However, the west had already told Iran to put across reasonable proposals. Iran is obstinate in its decision that it will not take any further step ahead from its side until the US agrees to lift sanctions. As US administrations continue to impose new sanctions with a recent one on two Iranian security organizations and several officials related to them.

The United Nations’ Concerns

The United Nations is also of the opinion that Iran is up to something which they are conducting behind closed doors. According to the reports of the UN Atomic watchdog, Iran has again rapidly increased its nuclear program in recent months by augmenting usage of uranium beyond the permission allowed in the agreement. Tehran has also prohibited monitors from the UN atomic watchdog from examining its nuclear facilities.

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Meanwhile, the US has asked the United Arab Emirates to mitigate its deals with Iran and has asked Japan and South Korea to cease illegal trade with Tehran.