Justice Chandrachud – The knight In Shining Armor


Justice D Y Chandrachud is making the headlines every other day because he exposes harsh reality about the central government and firmly criticizing it.  In the time when questions were being raised that the supreme court is biased Justice Chandrachud proved it wrong by roasting the central government and questioning it.

At the time when several incidents took place where minority communities faced a lot of assaults Justice Chandrachud made a statement that sighed relief to the minorities. He said the apex court of India essays the role of a “Counter-majoritarian institution.” He also highlighted that it is the supreme court’s responsibility to safeguard the rights of the deprived socio-economic minority.   

In one of his lectures in Gujarat in February 2020, Justice Chandrachud had explained and emphasized the importance of strong ‘Dissent.’ Current scenario in-country is such that politicians, journalists, social activists, and even common man who defies government is labeled as anti-nationals. In a democracy, an electorally elected government works for the development of the people and maintains tranquility in society, but they should not become authoritarian and with the morals and values that define plural society, He said. 

When in June Prime Minister Modi announced the changes in the vaccine policy of the country the netizens were quick enough to credit and thank Justice Chandrachud as he had made strong remarks on the center’s old vaccine policy wherein states were told to procure vaccines directly from the manufacturers.

The Telugu news channels were banned and charged with sedition when they broadcasted news against the central government. But Supreme Court gave relief to the channels by saying, “The Andra Pradesh government’s act of filing sedition cases against the channels is muffling channels. It is time the court defined sedition.” And he took a jibe on Modi government as he said he saw the picture of a dead body being thrown in the river and added he is not aware of the ‘sedition’ case is filed against the news channel for broadcasting it.

During the second wave of the pandemic, citizens were facing a shortage of vaccines, oxygen supply, medicines, beds, etc. Thus people used social media platforms to make their voice heard and seek help for their loved ones. Justice Chandrachud in his decision he made sure that the information on social media does not get deleted or action gets taken on the ones who seek help. In his statement, he said, “We want to make it very clear that if citizens communicate their grievances on social media and the internet, it cannot be said it’s wrong information.”

Time and again Justice Chandrachud has made remarkable statements that made people believe that Supreme Court as an institution can still be trusted completely. He showcased that there are people who work on the guidelines of the constitution and fight for the fundamental rights and protecting them. It is because of judges like him people have faith that the court will do fair justice to them. Thus, currently, India is in the need of more Justice Chandrachud.