Kangana Ranaut Goes Insane In Attempt To Impress BJP And Narendra Modi Call India’s Independence ‘Bheek’

After Receiving Padma Award, Actress Kangana Ranaut Had Made A Lunatic Statement Saying India Got Real Independence In 2014 After Narendra Modi Led BJP Government Came To Power


Actress Kangana Ranaut is in the headlines for all the bad reasons. Kangana keeps making controversial statements that draw the godi media’s attention. She gets herself publicity through her controversial statements so that her name remains in the media and the gossip. Especially after the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the actress had started making controversial statements.

Kangana Ranaut’s Initial Controversies

She started off her trail by defaming and targeting Bollywood despite she herself being part of the industry she has criticized the industry and the veteran and popular actors. Later, she started making statements on national issues like the India-China stand-off at LAC Ladakh. She dragged herself into politics by criticizing the Maha Vikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra especially Shivsena.


Kangana Ranaut And BJP

For creating all this drama she drew BJP’s attention and eventually BJP’s support for her. She has been openly making statements favoring prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP as the national party. And in an attempt to gain more and more support of BJP she started barbing her opinions on social media on different issues.

Kangana Ranaut And Social Media Controversy

Her tweets on farmers’ protests created a lot of ruckus on social media. When she crossed all the boundaries Twitter suspended her account. However, she always has other platforms to run her errands. On Twitter, she made statements that spread hatred and were divisive in nature. And the ones that disturbed social and communal harmony.

Kangana Ranaut’s Recent Statement On India’s Independence

Recently, after receiving one of the prestigious awards of the nation ‘The Padma Award’ by president Ramnath Kovid she in an interaction again made a statement that again crossed all the boundaries and worst statement than the ones earlier. This time she has indirectly compared brave, patriotic, and courageous freedom fighters with Narendra Modi.

She said, ‘India won true independence in 2014 – when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power – and the 1947 Independence was “bheekh” or (charity).’ This has resulted in people’s outrage on social media demanding her ‘Padmashri’ award to be retaken. This fury is indeed correct as one should have a sense of the importance of India’s independence.

Outrage Of Political Parties On Kangana Ranaut’s Statement

Several leaders from across political parties like AAP, Congress, NCP, Shivsena, and even from BJP have excoriated her statements. Parties have demanded that she should be charged with sedition. And well, the central government ruled by BJP has quite a practice of charging people with sedition or section 124 A.


BJP is using 124 A as a weapon to suppress and stiff the opposition’s voice. According to the latest report released by the home ministry, 326 cases and 6 convictions were reported in 6 years between 2014-2019. Shashi Tharoor, Rajdeep Sardesai, Mrinal Pande, Vinod Jose, Zafar Agha, Paresh Nath, Anant Nath were booked under section 124 (A) on January 26, 2021, during the peaceful farmers protest that later turned out to be violent.

It’s wrong to expect but still, it will really intriguing if by any chance her Padma Award is taken back gets charged with sedition by the ruling BJP. Comparing India’s independence of 1947 for which millions of freedom fighters sacrificed their life with just an election win of BJP in 2014 that too by using propaganda and ‘jumlas’ is shameful and seditious. Kangana’s this attempt to entice BJP is going to backlash.