Key Take-Aways From Israel’s PM Meet With UAE Leader And What It Means To The World

It Is The Historic Meet From The World’s Perspective As For The First Time Israel’s PM Visited UAE Thus It Has Created A Buzz In The International Affairs


The Israeli PM Naftali Bennett’s visit to United Arab Emirates (UAE) comes from the background of Vienna talks that are taking place between Iran and the West. Israel is concerned about Iran’s advancing nuclear programs. PM Naftali Bennett met de facto leader Emirati crown prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Reason Behind The Meet

The two prime reasons behind this historic meet are the looming threat of Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions and the economic cooperation between the two countries. Both the countries have hoped that the meet will have a fruitful outcome that will benefit citizens of both the countries with prevailing peace and harmony between the two.

Abraham Accord

Bennett on his sojourn to UAE also met UAE’s Industry and Advanced Technology Minister Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber and Culture Minister Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi. The motto behind the same was to boost technological advancement in both the countries and exchange good cultural relations between them. Previous pacts like Abraham Accords have helped to enhance diplomatic, economic, and cultural relations with Israel and the middle east region.

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Bilateral Relations

The bilateral relations between Israel and UAE have remarkably improved over the last few years. The two countries have aided each other in different fields from trade, health, education, cybersecurity to research and development aviation, etc.  the growing partnership and friendship between the two are termed by Bennett as ‘precious treasure.’

Other Gulf Countries

Abraham Accord has brought other gulf countries like Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain close to Israel for which the initiative was taken by the US. The Israeli PM’s visit timing is appropriate to show the world especially Iran its ties with the Gulf country as Israel prepares for the ‘worst-case scenario’ with Iran. As there is uncertainty about whether will be able to convince Iran to rework its Nuclear program.

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As per the reports, the two leaders did not talk about one of the controversial topics that- Palestine. The problems between Israel and Palestine continue to worsen each passing day. Thus remains a disputed topic. However, this meet has given a strong message to the world especially Iran about Israel’s deepening ties with the gulf.