Leaders Forgotten By BJP Not By India


BJP as a party is at its peak right now in India. This party has managed to enormously increase its supporters and base all over the country. From having only 2 MPs in the parliament to being one the single largest party in Lok sabha getting the absolute majority it has definitely come a long way.

To give BJP all its glamour which it has today a lot of people have given their everything their life for this Party. Two of the names are Yashwant Sinha and L K Advani. Both these leaders have spent decades in this Party. L K Advani’s Rathyatra will always be considered as one of the landmark events in the history of India.

Though Yashwant Sinha joined BJP a little late yet his contribution to the party cannot be ignored. His work as the finance minister in Vajpayee’s government is remembered even today. Sinha represented the party well maintained its reputation being the national spokesperson.  However today one leader is completely sidelined while the other one left the party. They have led the foundation stone for the BJP to become what it is today. They have closely witnessed the growth of the party and are part of that growth.

L K Advani was senior in the party yet in 2014 the prime ministership nomination was given to Narendra Modi with the BJP government coming into power in 2014 the internal politics in the BJP also changed drastically. The decision-making power in the party came into only two hands the duo Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. They started dodging the senior leadership or even taking their opinions into consideration.

Senior Leadership left in the party only for the namesake and to be a guest on the Dias on various events. Initially, L K Advani tried to express his disappointment with the party administration but it didn’t create much impact. In fact, he had said in the media that there is the situation of undeclared emergency in India. This had created a buzz in the political circles. Now, he is nowhere to be seen in party politics. However, he has still stuck to his ethical roots with BJP and has not changed the party. He is one of the true BJP loyalists whose value party failed to know.

On the other hand, Yashwant Sinha too had started criticizing BJP. He had written an open letter in which he expressed how the working of the party is changed. He had said there is no democracy left within the party administration. But when he realized that this not going to make any difference he took a firm decision to leave the party. Today he is one of the strong dissenters of PM Modi.

Thus even though BJP didn’t know the Value of these knowledgeable leaders Indians do remember their contribution to the nation and will never forget there is a leader LK Advani who changed the face of BJP and there is Yashwant Sinha who didn’t compromise his standards and left the party.