Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar Meet- Where Does Congress Stands As India’s Oppositions  Are Aligning To Fight BJP

On Her Tour To Mumbai West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, Shivsena MP Sanjay Raut Amongst Others Hinting Towards New Political Alliance In India


When NCP supremo Sharad Pawar makes any statement in media or meets any political leader the news creates space for itself in media and creates a buzz in the political circle. Mamata Banerjee too has gained enormous popularity in the recent past due to her thumping victory in West Bengal against tough fight not just against BJP but also media, ed, CBI, and traitors from the party.

Importance Of Sharad Pawar- Mamata Banerjee Meet

So when these two astute political leaders meet each other it definitely signifies a lot is happening in political circles especially at the times when five states of the country are set to hold elections in the coming year. The most important thing for all the opposition parties is to make strategies to how to defeat BJP in the upcoming elections as these five states’ election results in a way signify the mood of the nation for Lok Sabha polls.

Congress And Its Problems

At the national level so far congress is considered as the largest political party which opposes BJP but will that is possible is a question. Currently, Congress and its leaders believe that Congress is still the strong political force to stop BJP but how even they don’t is such the condition of the party. Because there is a huge leadership problem in the party. Many senior and young leaders are leaving the party. There are several internal disputes amongst leaders at different levels.

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Regional Parties And Congress

Now, regional parties like shivsena, TMC, DMK are increasing their base outside their respective states and allying to stop BJP’s winning series. Sharad Pawar and his party play a huge role in this formation. But where does congress stands in this new political formation is uncertain? Since these parties are widening their base they have a problem with congress and its way of functioning.

Congress Leaders And Their Statements

On the other hand, Congress leaders make statements through various mediums that they wish to contest elections independently and not in an alliance. Maharashtra’s congress president Nana Patole has several times pressed on this point. Thus these statements make allied parties feel unwanted. But Congress leaders need to understand that they are in no position to contest elections independently and one of the prime reasons for it is the leadership vacuum.

Sharad Pawar’s Diligent Game

In the current scenario, as Sharad Pawar rightly said, “Leadership is not an important issue for us. Providing a strong and credible platform to the people is important for us. The question of who will lead it is a secondary matter.” Even though in today’s media address Mamata Banerjee criticized Congress which she has done earlier as well Sharad Pawar very diligently stated that no party will be who opposes BJP will be excluded which was meant for ‘Congress.’

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A Piece Of Advice For Congress

Now, It’s up to congress how to deal with it. On one hand, the party is losing its base and there is mayhem within the party. It has lost many of its strongholds so now when other parties are still extending their hand for alliance then they should not lose the opportunity as it will help the party reshape itself from the turmoil otherwise congress will be left nowhere.