Million Awaits For The First Dose Of Vaccine In India While Some Celebrates Vaccine Century

Those Celebrating India's Vaccine Century Should Take A Look At India's Population Percentage ; People From India's Rural Villages Feels Left Out. People Falling For Show Off Should Take A Look At Reality.


Social media is thronged with congratulatory messages, posts for Prime minister Narendra Modi and India. The nation completed the benchmark of injecting 1 billion Covid 19 vaccine doses. India managed to achieve this milestone after a few months India recovered from the second deadly covid wave during which many citizens lost their life due to a lack of medical facilities like Oxygen beds, ventilators, medicines, etc.

Prime minister Narendra Modi took to his Twitter handle and wrote India scripted history by administering 1 billion doses with hashtag vaccine century. BJP IT cell and Modi followers were quick enough to pick up the tag and trend it on microblogging sites like Twitter and Koo. A huge show started on social media about the same.

Well, but people should not blindly follow the bandwagon. People should take a look at the reality as well. Because even if the government claims that India has crossed the 1 billion benchmark only 30% of the entire population of India got fully vaccinated, 64 % of people in rural areas have received at least 1 jab while in urban India the number is approximately 35% as per the reports of India’s ministry of health. It also excludes 41% of India’s children below the age of 18 as they are ineligible for the same.

Further, even if India is trying to vaccinate its adult population as much as possible, there are remote areas where people are left out and have not even received their first jab. And on the parallel lines, India has revoked many of the strict covid restrictions like lifting travel ban for tourists, festivals, interstate travel, etc. which is also a threat of the third wave of covid. To add on, the festival of Diwali is around the corner which further adds to the possibility of threat.

India is also exporting vaccines to other countries however Indian Medical Association emphasized the government of mitigating vaccine export and increasing vaccination in the home country. And one cannot neglect the fact that India is facing vaccine problems at home between states and centers over the distribution of vaccines while the central government was busy exporting it to the world. Later the government had stopped exporting for a while.

Thus a lot still has to be done to keep the citizens of the nation healthy and immune to covid. Furthermore, the health ministry should also focus on vaccinating children to the soonest.