Must Read: ‘The Density Of Leopards’ Is Going To Give You A Combo Of Good Plot, Exciting Climax, And Cinematic End

‘The Density Of Leopards’ Is A Fictional Novel Based On A Very Non-Fictional Topic Of Data And Privacy In India.


The Density Of Leopards is a novel written by Sanjay Deshmukh. The book is available on e-commerce giant Amazon. The book was published on January 23, 2020.  The book can be seen from two aspects- 1) the Story of a young girl who pursued her mechanical engineering from a small town of Maharashtra-Junnar whose life changes upside down after plunging herself into a project of national importance and interest. 2) How private information and data have become a crucial ingredient for politicians, marketing agencies, hackers, etc., and what they can do to get that data and sell it internationally and its consequences giving it in the wrong hands.

We will give the gist of the book in four parts that will give the readers why ‘The Density Of Leopards’ is a must-read book. The four parts are as follows-

  • The Beginning Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’
  • The Plot Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’
  • The Climax Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’
  • The End Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’

1) The Beginning Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’

The book starts with the story of Uma Joshi young girl who is a mechanical engineer from Junnar who goes to Pune for a job interview with a firm called Vital Tech. It is an organization that had recently received a tender from the government of Maharashtra to develop data centers in 6 locations in Maharashtra- Junnar, Alibag, Nandurbar, Yatvatmal, Bhandara, Aurangabad. However, they had to meet the tight deadlines of the project. Uma arrives in the Pune office of Vital Tech however due to her dispute with a security guard for carrying with her as a tool for self-defense she losses her chance to get the job. However, later when the team of Vital Tech starts the work in Junnar as its first location and comes across several problems while dealing with localities Uma Joshi-the Junnar girl comes for help and eventually becomes part of the project.

2) The Plot Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’

After being roped in for the Junnar project and successfully completing it, Uma joins Vital Tech on a contract basis. Earlier she was in complete denial to be part of it but later because of personal reasons she joins the team which changes her life completely. In her journey, she figures out the cruel plan of ‘Data Stealing’ from the centers she was developing for the Vital Tech as a part of the Central Government’s ambitious project. A lot of people were involved in it from state government officials to central authorities and Vital Tech’s staff and the core team Uma working with. As soon as Uma and her team figure out that their servers are being hacked they decide to get to the roots of the conspiracy and the culprit behind it. In that the main motto was to first stop data from being hacked and in the process Uma’s boss Girish goes behind the bars, an engineer name Phadnis gets murdered, Uma herself becomes a hostage of the culprit Bokey.

3) The Climax Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’      

Bokey is a State government official who had a plan to hack the data and sell it to unknown hackers. That unknown hacker is the person for whom Bokey works. The unknown hacker’s name is ‘professor.’ He is the one who gets Phandis assassinated. He has a close watch on every minute detail and progress of the project. Uma threatens Bokey that she will expose him and his plan to steal the data as the matter becomes an issue of national security and interest. Now it becomes a battle between Uma and Bokey and she decides to save the nation while Bokey is firm on stopping her to do so even if it means killing her or her mother.

4) The End Of ‘The Density Of Leopards’

The book concludes with Uma saving the day by successfully keeping the data safe for the time being. Bokey gets murdered by the professor for failing in the assigned task and to prevent him from spilling his name to the Indian authorities. Uma goes back to Junnar and Girish who had roped in Uma on a contract basis gives her adieus in Junnar.

It is very intriguing to read why Uma agrees to work on a contract basis, how Bokey figures out that the Vital Tech team is aware of his conspiracy, how Uma and her acolytes get Girish out of the prison, How they stop Data servers from being hacked and why Uma carries a dagger with her in the beginning for her interview in Pune.

We will not answer all these hows and whys here in the article as we will keep that for the readers to explore the thrill while reading the book themselves.