Nagaland Mishap Proved That Cost Of Life Has Become Cheap In India And It’s Miserable!

India’s Military Personnel ‘Goofed Up’! Killed Nearly 13 Nagaland Civilians Misinterpreting Them As ‘Militants’ And Now No ‘Apology’ Can Undo What’s Done!


Northeast India is full of cultural heritage and a land blessed with inherent natural beauty. It is a land of food, art, language, traditions, history, and a lot more, and what makes this scenic place is its people! But as it is a known fact every beautiful thing has its dark side. Talking about northeast India, ever since India became independent the dispute between the people of this region and central government existed as the people believed that they are being dodged.

Northeast India And Central Government

Northeast Indians always have the feeling that they are left out from the overall development of the country. It is the Indian government’s continuous failure from independence to date that the people who are an inevitable part of India feel left out. They were the first after independence who had to face the wrath of the Sino-Indian war in 1962.

Problems Faced By The Citizens Of Northeast India

Several pacts and treaties are signed between the organizations of the respective states and the central government to maintain peace and harmony in the region. But the people have to go through a lot as social order keeps on shaking over different issues be it students problem or the recent problem of CAA- NRC and even more recently the killing of civilians.

Nagaland Incident Which Killed 13 Civilians

The news of 13 civilians killed in Nagaland had shaken the nation. The incident is very unfortunate and no amount of monetary compensation and apology can bring back the dead to life. The anger among the people is definitely justified but whether the people will get justice or not is a question. And this incident is equally the failure of the home ministry.

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AFSPA Act And Nagaland

The stringent law of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) was opposed by the citizens of Nagaland several times yet it is not revoked. This act has given discretional powers to the army to take any action against a civilian. The incident is systematically termed as a ‘case of alleged mistaken identity.’ As of now, this draconian act is imposed in Nagaland, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, and Manipur, and selective parts of Arunachal Pradesh.

Northeast Indians already face discrimination based on race. The attacks of northeast Indians after the covid outbreak signifies that! People were teasing them by calling them corona. These killings have escalated the relations between the state and the center as the talks are going on between the two since 2015.

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A Lesson To Be Learnt!

Such mistakes by anyone are not acceptable. And this incident has proved that there is no value left to human life in India. So many farmers have lost their lives during a year-long protest and still, the government is reluctant to give their families any kind of assistance. Several people also lost their lives during riots in Delhi which took place when people were protesting against Anti CAA and NRC.

Innocents losing their lives is becoming normal which is something that shouldn’t happen. Humanity should prevail in society.   And for that first government needs to be sensitive to the lives of their countrymen which the current government definitely needs to learn.