Newest Challenge For The Brands And Advertising Agencies Is Rising Religious Intolerance Of People

Several brands like Tanishq, fabindia, manyavar have confronted backlash on social media to put across novel approaches through their advertising


Brands and advertising go hand in hand. Every brand spends a large share of its budget on advertising. Advertising help brands to create value in the minds of their consumers. Every brand tries to bring out innovative concepts or vivid narratives especially during the festive seasons. Appealing advertisement creates a huge impact on the mindset of the consumers.
Talking about the advertising part, creating an advertisement is one of the forms of art. A lot of creativity goes into it when any ad is many.

The research analysis also needs to be done but that’s the technical bit of it. When one talks about art there comes the word ‘freedom’ No form of art can flourish if the artist here (advertisement) if the artist is not given the freedom to make it as her his choice or understanding then it does not create impact.

With one of the biggest festivals Diwali being around the corner, brands have geared up and have created advertisements pertaining to the same. All brands are going exemplarily creative thinking out of the box. But well some brands have found themselves in controversy because of their narrative. But it is not the brands to blame! It is the social media and the ones who run propaganda on it and people who fall prey to such agendas.

People are bringing out religious aspects from the advertisements and then trolling them and trends hashtag boycotts which indeed somewhere tarnishes the brand’s image, the actors who work for the brand and are seen in the advertisement are also excoriated. But the problem is not just limited to that. It is a larger societal problem. It once again highlights the rising religious, communal, lingual intolerance amongst people, a threat to freedom of art and expression, and to unity in the diversity phenomenon of the Nation.

Recently fab India faced criticism on social for its advertisement. In its advertisement they used the term ‘Jashaan e riwaaz’ and people started posting negative comments on that. Many said that it is not correct for the Diwali season. Due to the backlash on social media, the brand recalled the advertisement. the brand in the response and clarification wrote it meant “celebrations of rituals/festive celebrations”.

Last month, another clothing brand Mohey Manyavar had to go through a similar kind of criticism. The brand tried to put across the new concept of Kanyadaan. Actress Alia Bhatt was stared in the ad. Both the actress and the brand had to go through the backlash.
People find these advertisements offensive in religious form.

Some are of the opinion that ads promote love jihad concept, some says they are trying to change tradition, culture and portraying it in a wrong way, some says it defames a particular religion but people needs to open up their mind and stop creating religious propaganda out of it which creates hatred amongst different communities and disturbs harmony and peace. Also, one needs to understand that if Someone is not okay with some concept that’s fine but compelling people to do the same or expecting people to do the same is wrong. If you are not liking it doesn’t mean others can’t like it. Some people equally appreciated those ads for their creativity and narrative.