North Korea Completes 10 Years Under Kim Jong Un- A Decade Of Starvation, Brutality And Terror For Helpless Citizens

North Korea’s De Facto Leader Kim Jong Un Completes A Decade As A President Keeping Its Subjects Under Complete Threat And Absolute Control


North Korea the country which is known for being the most secretive nation recently completed a decade under the authoritarian and ruthless leadership of the supreme president Kim Jong Un. He became the president without having any prior administrative experience nor elected by the people of North Korea. After the death of his father former president of North Korea Kim Jong-Il, he became the president.

Isolated North Korea

The country is far from being globalized as its leader has kept it isolated from the rest of the world. No one knows what happens in the nation as no external media is allowed in Pyongyang. The domestic media is also controlled by Kim Jong Un. The news that comes in the media is the only one that its news agency publishes.

Kim Jong Un And Nuclear Weapons

The nation has become a threat to the world as it develops several weapons that are hazardous. Having nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, hydrogen weapons in the North Korean military has kind of become a fascination for Kim Jong Un. Because even though on one hand the people are starving the president focuses on increasing its weapons and not on providing necessary facilities to its countrymen.

Atmosphere Of Terror

There is an atmosphere of terror in the nation all the time. The ruthless president can order any bizarre thing for the citizens to follow who are helpless and have no option but to abide by the rules. Last year he had told citizens to hand over their pet dog to the government so that he can serve the dog meat in restaurants. Recently, he has ordered people not to laugh. There was a ban on laughing, drinking, and shopping in North Korea.

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North Korea Surrounded By Problems

The nation is facing a colossal financial crisis, humanitarian crisis, human rights violation beyond limits, media restrictions, communication blackouts, food shortage, etc among many other problems. The people are living in misery. No mercy is shown to them. The leader is such that he has so far ordered many assassinations including of his family members.

North Korea And China

Apart from China, the country is not on good terms with any other nation. The United States under President Trump’s reign was in talks over North Korea’s missile programs and ambitions but it did not resolve. It has been a year since the change of governance in the US with Joe Biden being the president but no talks have taken place between the two.

Kim Jong Un at times completely gets disappears from public life and makes his presence after months. A few months back when he was seen at the military parade he was seen losing his weight. His pictures of weight loss went viral in the media. The leader is toxic who is letting his people die asking them to eat less food.

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The situation of this isolated nation is the same for the last 70 years from the times of its formation. Kim Jong Un’s father Kim Jong Il and grandfather Kim Il Sung were no different than me. They were equally brutal and merciless and Kim Jong Un is carrying forward the dreadful legacy of his family.