North Korean President Kim Jong Un’s New Look Creates Buzz On Internet ; Here Have A Glance


The authoritarian president of North Korea Kim Jong Un makes headlines for several reasons. The secretive nation recently celebrated its 73rd foundation day. The supreme leader of North Korea made his public appearance after a long time at a military parade on the occasion of foundation day. And in the images, he looked fit and slimmer.

The North Korean president was facing several health issues like obesity as per reports he is a heavy drinker and smoker too. Adding to that his family has a history of heart diseases. Earlier, he was seen with a bandage. That increased the tension of neighboring South Korea, the USA, and the world because of North Korea’s nuclear program. As North Korea’s internal work is concealed from the world.

However, from the recent images, one can figure out that Jong Un lost weight which is said to be his attempt to make himself fit. According to the reports, Kim Jong Un has possibly lost 20 kilograms of weight. Along with it, his new haircut also caught the eyeballs of many.

Usually, in the military parade North Korea display its new weapons which used to make headlines but this time there were no new weapons but Kim Jong Un himself became the center of attraction. As per sources, it is said, because Joe Biden is the president of the US and North Korea has not yet had any official talks with the US so no new weapons were displayed.

North Korea is facing several issues like sanctions from the US, flood and its aftermath, shortage of food, degrading economy which he is unable to upgrade and stabilize.

Here take a look at Kim Jong Un’s images: