On This Day In 1971, India Changed The World Map By Creating A New Nation ‘Bangladesh’ Showing Its Military Strength And Administrative Powers

In 1971, India Divided Pakistan Creating A New Country ‘Bangladesh’ After Nearly 15 Days Of War With Pakistan. Two Things One Cannot Forget- Role Of Indian Spy Sehmat And Russia


Today Bangladesh is celebrating its 50th independence day and India is celebrating 50 years of victory against Pakistan in a war. 1971 triumph is will always be part of the golden history of India and its arch-rival country Pakistan bowed by surrendering itself to the Indian Army. The decision of creating a new nation of Bangladesh was taken by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

India’s Support To Mukti Bahini

Mukti Bahini known as Bangladesh’s forces had called for the ‘War of Liberation to free itself from Pakistan. India played a pivotal role in training and providing equipment to the Mukti Bahini members to fight against the Pakistani Army.  Indian Army was given free hand by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to deal with Mukti Bahini leaders had was herself one of the key strategists of the entire conspiracy.

India And Bangladeshi Refugees

India had extended its absolute solidarity with Bangladesh’s leaders and Mukti Bahini freedom fighters to form a new nation of Bangladesh of Bengali-speaking people. During that time around 15 lakh, Bangladeshi refugees were given shelter in the northeast Indian state of Tripura. The Mukti Bahini movement was led by Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and Indian PM had decided to resolve the crisis pragmatically.

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Russia India’s Rock

Russia played a major role in the war by having India’s back thanks to the PM’s diplomatic foreign relations. When some of the world’s powerful countries like the US, China, Britain were supporting Pakistan, Russia stood like a rock with India in the tumultuous situation. India’s peace treaty with the USSR helped India to have the upper hand in the war. Russia provided its help to India in the form of sending its naval forces.

Russian And West Ships In The Bay Of Bengal

When the US, Britain had sent their naval forces in the Bay of Bengal against India, Russian naval ships along with Indian naval forces were standing in the ocean Bay of Bengal. Then admiral of soviet V Kruglyakov threatened the US by deploying its nuclear submarines which were tracked by American satellites. Considering Russia’s threat US and Britain withdrew their ships from the region leaving Pakistan alone in the war as they further did not interfere in the matter. China was already having a tense relationship with the Soviets due to the Damansky Island incident thus China also did not further pose threat to India at that time as Russia was siding India.

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Role Of RAW And Indian Spies

During this war, India’s intelligence agency ‘RAW’ also played a vital role. It was because of Indian Spy and their incredible work India received a lot of concealed information of utmost importance. An Indian woman spy Sehmat’s contribution in this war is unparalleled. It was because of her valor India’s INS Vikrant was saved which also resulted in the saving of thousands of lives.

Her braveness and valor and love for the motherland are an inspiration for all Indians. However, many unsung heroes gave everything to the mother nation.

Pakistan’s Failure

This Victory of India against Pakistan had left Pakistan shattered and is still a scar for them even today! It was Pakistan’s failure from all sides from military, intelligence, and media as well.