Political Parties In India Should First Ask Themselves And Their Party Workers To Follow Covid Norms Then Ask Citizens To Do The Same

Political Parties Across India Are Conducting Rallies, Campaigns Rampantly Dodging All Covid Norms And Then Expect People To Follow The Restrictions

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India has witnessed a rapid increase in the covid-19 cases with the spread of a new variant of the virus Omicron. It was founded in November 2021 first in South Africa and later spread to other countries. Now, in January 2022, the situation is getting tense with a surge in Covid cases in the nation. All the states are preparing for a possible third wave.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his recent address to the nation has urged people to follow covid norms like wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining social distance along with taking vaccine jabs. He also announced vaccination for the age group of 15-17. Likewise in the state of Maharashtra as well the MVA government had urged people to follow covid rules to avoid strict action like lockdown.

But, before requesting people to follow rules and threatening to lockdown both state and the central government should have first implemented the rules like not gathering in large numbers or conducting events. Governments should have learned the lessons from the first and second covid wave that had hit the nation in 2020 and 2021 which caused massive damage with deaths due to lack of facilities.

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On one hand, the central ruling party BJP leaders are conducting huge rallies in Uttar Pradesh and other states where elections are set to happen this year. In each rally enormous crowd is gathered many amongst which maximum is seen without masks not maintaining social distancing. Likewise, other parties like AAP, Congress, SP, TMC, etc too are doing the same mistakes.

BJP has not learned a lesson from 2021. In March and April, 2021 BJP continued its election campaign rallies despite deadly covid second wave as creating mayhem in the nation. There was a shortage of medicines, oxygen beds, ventilators, etc. Congress at least showed the understanding by knowing the graveness of the situation and canceled its rallies. For this, the PM Modi and BJP were criticized by the global media for mishandling of covid, and yet they are repeating the same mistake.

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On the other hand, Maharashtra is the state with maximum covid cases with Mumbai as its hotspot. The MVA despite facing problems tackled two waves of covid by imposing lockdowns and urging people. The blame game was also going on between the center and the state over the distribution of medicines, vaccines, etc. But after the second wave was successfully slowed down and restrictions were eased people started their business following rules.

But all the parties in the state became careless. Many leaders organized weddings of their daughter and son. It was attended by so many people were no covid rules were followed. And now with the rise in cases, they are asking people to follow norms, restricting them from celebrating a new year and scaring them about the possible lockdown.

Hence, both central and the state government should first ask their administrators’ party workers to follow covid rules regulations and then expect and ask people to do the same. Every time people cannot be blamed they are equally responsible for the rise in covid cases.