President Emmanuel Macron Changed Color Of France’s Flag To Resemble Vibe Of French Revolution; That Also Highlights France’s Rift With Europe

The Change In The Color Of France’s Flag Went Unnoticed For More Than A Year; Now As It Is Noticed World Has Reacted To It And Pointed Out France’s Rift With Europe.


On November 16, hashtag Emmanuel Macron, France was trending on Twitter and the reason behind it was the world notice change in France’s national flag. The blue color in the tricolor flag of France is changed. Well, it might come as surprise but it wasn’t a new decision. The color was changed by president Emmanuel Macron in 2020. But it went unnoticed.

French Flag Story

The blue color in the french flag has become darker. There is a story behind this decision of France’s government. Many believe that the color that has changed is not new. It is in fact the color of the original French flag which was used by the revolutionaries in France during the historic French Revolution in the 18th century. Thus this minor appearing age is very major from France’s perspective as it comes with a historic background which displays how important it is!

Change In French Flag In 1970

As per the reports, the color of the flag was first changed in the 1970s. The government back then opted for a lighter shade of blue. Late Valery Giscard D’Estaing had decided on a change in color in the 1970s to maintain diplomatic reasons. As the color of the European Union flag is blue in order to prevent any friction the blue in the french flag was lightened.

France Flag And European Union Flag

According to the French officials, the old navy blue in the flag is considered as “more elegant” and links the symbol of the ‘French Revolution.’ Now that the color has been changed to old blue it clearly stands out from the flag of the European Union. This according to many reveals the rift between France and Europe and France’s attempt to be distinguished from others. The blue in the European Union flag is ‘Marian blue.

Politics In France Over France’s Flag

In the current scenario, politics is going on in France’s Champs Elysee Palace over the color of the flag. One faction is of the opinion that the new flag is ugly and matches the color of the European Union flag like the 1970s era. While the others are feeling good and nostalgic as they got to see the 18th-century original flag.

Official Statement From French Presidency

The presidency in its official statement said, “The President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) has chosen for the tricolor flags that adorn the Élysée Palace the navy blue that evokes the imagination of the Volunteers of Year II, the Poilus of 1914 and the Compagnons de la Libération of Free France. It is also the blue of the flag that has always flown under the Arc de Triomphe every (Armistice Day) 11 November.”

Earlier, President Emmanuel Macron has added a Lorraine cross to the logo of the presidency in 2018, as per the reports, the cross has an assumed reference to General Charles de Gaulle, whose 50th death anniversary and 80th anniversary of the June 18 Appeal were commemorated in 2020.