Presidential Election In Chile: Possibility Of José Antonio Kast Being Elected As President Due To Anguish Amongst Protestors For Last Two Years

For Last Two Years, Chile Have Witnessed Several Protests Over Different Issues Which Might Led To Far-Right Leader José Antonio Kast Being Elected As The President


The citizens of Chile will vote for the new president and government next week. According to the political experts, far-right leader José Antonio Kast is likely to get elected as the president. The current government led by president Sebastián Piñera has faced several criticisms and has failed to meet the citizens’ demand and is considered adamant.

Protest In Chile

From October 2019, Chileans are protesting in the capital city of Santiago over different issues. Their issue includes demand for better pensions, better education, and an equal economic system which will not just favor the elite class but the common man, migrants crisis, etc. One of the most important demands is to change the constitution. The protest that is carried out is known as “estallido social” or “social outbreak”. Several conflicts in two years have taken place between the agitators and the army personnel. The advantage of this instability is taken by drug traffickers.

People’s Support For José Antonio Kast

Chile as a country was once upon a time known for its stability which is nowhere to be seen since the last two years. As the Chileans will elect their new president the far-right leader José Antonio Kast has appeared to gain more popularity and support from the people. He had also contested during the last election that was conducted in 2017 as an individual candidate but did not get elected later after a year he formed his party.

Far Right Ideas Of José Antonio Kast

Kast in this election has emphasized three key points – 1. To reduce the size of the state, 2. to lower corporate taxes, and 3. to focalize social policies. Kast being the far-right leader has tried to woo the citizens by using the method used by right-wing leaders across the globe of ‘nationalism.’ Igniting the emotions like nation first and nationalists idea of how the country should focus on traditional values and beliefs and criticizing the liberal ideas that consider the world as a global village.

José Antonio Kast And Other Right Wing Leader

Kast portrays himself as a ‘new right leader who believes in three ideas-  freedom, the defense of law and order, and the strength of family. He is the leader who appears to be following the path of former US President Donald Trump. As José Kast has proposed building barricades in North Chile to deal with the migrant crisis Donald Trump also had built the wall to solve the same crisis. Kast’s other proposal consists, a tax cut for companies, abolishing abortion, and reinforcing the police, etc.

Reason Behind José Antonio Kast’s Popularity

Kast is a critic of the United Nations and if elected to power then reduce Chile’s involvement in the UN. According to the political analysts’ citizens anguish, lack of potential candidates, a rise of a right-wing populist idea across the globe are the reason for people giving popularity and opportunity to Kast. The other candidate in the race of presidential election is Gabriel Boric.

José Antonio Kast Competitor

Gabriel is the young contender for the Presidential post as he is 35. He is a leftist congressman and former student leader. He is considered as the presidential candidate who has a better understanding of the country’s social movement. He runs for a broad coalition that involves the communist party that pioneers a welfare state model.