Release Of Israeli Couple From Turkey Eases Tension Between Israel And Turkey Sowing The Seeds For New Possible Alliance

The alleged Israeli Spy Couple Reached Israel As Turkey Released Them. President Erdogan’s Call With Israeli Counterpart Called For World’s Attention On Turkey-Israel Relationship


An Israeli couple was arrested in Turkey with a suspicion of being spies. The couple had clicked the pictures of the Turkish leader’s Palace in Istanbul. The couple was freed today by the Turkish authorities. This incident sighed relief to Israel. Later, Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Benett called Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Naftali Benett’s Call With Turkey’s President

The phone call conversation was the first between the two ever presidents since Naftali Benett was elected as the new president in June. This phone call grabbed the attention of the world. During this conversation, prime minister Benett thanked Turkish authorities and lauded how the officials from both countries meticulously handled the situation.

Official Statement Of Naftali Benett

The official statement released by prime minister Benett’s office reads: “The prime minister said that this was a solution to a humanitarian matter and favorably noted the communication lines between the countries, which worked efficiently and discreetly during the crisis.” He also specially thanked president Erdogan for personally looking into the matter.

Erdogan’s Statement About A Call With Israel

On the other hand, the office of Turkey’s president Erdogan also released a statement after conducting a call with the Israeli Prime Minister. Turkey on its part was very cautious about its words it was very precise and impactful. President Erdogan reiterated the significance of two countries in the middle east and how with peace and mutual interest they can work together.

He further also showed the sign of improving relations between the two countries by minimizing differences in opinion and acting with mutual understanding which will be in the interest of bilateral ties and other regional issues. President Erdogan further emphasized reinstituting “peace, tolerance, and culture of coexistence in the region.”

Relations Between Turkey And Israel

There are several areas of dispute between the two countries but the Palestine issue is the prominent one. Turkey has criticized Israel over the Palestine issue President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had accused Israel of terrorism over the Palestine crisis. In 2018, The relation between the two worsened with the withdrawal of ambassadors post assassination of Palestinian agitators in the oppressed Gaza Strip by Israeli forces.

Today’s phone call between the two countries’ highest authorities is the first conversation between Turkish and Israeli leaders since 2013. Thus this phone call has opened a window for a new possible future alliance and called the attention of the world. There is a political upheaval in Turkey which may need new strategies like having Israel as an ally in the future.

Turkey’s Current Situation

The instances that highlight that Turkey is on the edge of political upheaval are the abrupt decline of the Turkish lira, increasing debts, the dismissal of 10 ambassadors from Ankara with the quick u-turn of that decision; the current scenario of negotiating a settlement with the United States over the ownership of Russian S-400 air defense equipment.

Thus mending differences with known old foe can turn it into a friendship for the betterment of both countries. And one should not forget that both were close defense allies once. If both sides takes initiative then it will be in the interest of both nations.