Russia And NATO Over Ukraine- Both Sides Threatens Each Other With ‘Red Line’ At Its Centre; Is World Going To Witness New War?

The Issue Of Ukraine Is Escalated And Has Reached To Such An Edge That World Might See New War In Europe. Russia Warns NATO Of ‘Not To Cross The Red Line’


For several days the border dispute is going on in eastern Europe’s Ukraine as the Russian forces have gathered around the eastern border of Ukraine. Since then North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) had raised concerns.  As per NATO’s reports over 90,000 troops have gathered near the border of Ukraine and the temporarily occupied territories by Russia. In 2014, Russia had invaded Ukraine and the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

NATO And US Suspect Of Russia

With Russia’s rising aggression, recently, Britain and USA had warned Russia that it should further increase its military aggression in the region. However, The NATO, USA, and Britain are still trying to figure out the exact reasons behind Russia’s rising presence in Ukraine. They are still not aware of the real intentions of Russia behind the same.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin’s Statement

According to Russia, the West is interfering in its matters by deploying troops in the region. In response to which on Tuesday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said, Russia will be left with no option but to send its missiles. Putin was seen saying with all the confidence as if Russia is ready for war. With very ease, he said, “If some kind of strike systems appear on the territory of Ukraine, the flight time to Moscow will be seven to 10 minutes, and five minutes in the case of a hypersonic weapon being deployed. Just imagine,” as if it was a kind of game for him.

Russia’s Test Of Hypersonic Missiles Concern For West

Recently, Russia had successfully tested its hypersonic missiles. While flaunting Russia’s power to the world and explaining the missiles potentials Putin stated, “the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, which is anticipated to enter service with the Russian Navy in 2022, is capable of flying nine times the speed of sound and has a range of roughly 620 miles.” Several countries across the globe have joined the arms race to strengthen their military forces and Russia is an exception and in fact, the USA, Russia, and China are the countries that are the fastest developing new weapons.

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The west fears that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine but the allegations are denied by the Russian leaders.  Everyone’s eyes are on what Vladimir Putin is likely to do next keeping the world on the edge. Putin had ridiculed NATO and the West over their deployment of troops saying they should have a ‘Sense of common sense.’

Ukraine’s Position Amidst Chaos

Amidst the mayhem between the West and Russia, Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine had unfolded a conspiracy to destabilize his government as his government is closely allied with the west and pro-western government which is insecurity for Russia. And even if Ukraine is not an official member of NATO it has very close ties with the organization. Ukraine is the link between Russia and the West. As per reports the US is aiding Ukraine since 2014 and has so far since then provided financial and security assistance of over $2.5 billion.

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The world is recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic but its new variant omicron has created new havoc across the globe. However, along with the pandemic, several things are happening in the world taking from an economic crisis, military coups, migrants crisis, and arms race which are equally hazardous for the world.