Russia Ukraine Escalated Crisis- A Modern Age War With The backdrop Of Social Media, Digitalization And Advancement Of Weapons

Russia Ukraine War Will Be In The Books Of History For The Generations To Come As It Is A Modern Age War A Lot Different From The Wars World Has Witnessed Earlier


….And after the failure of several pragmatic discussions between the West, Russia, and Ukraine the dispute has ended up in the full-fledged war currently fought between Russian forces and the Ukraine military. The entire world is on the edge and eye sights on the news channels, a website for every update on the combat with ambiguity what’s next to come.

The World And Wars

The world has witnessed one cold war and two disastrous world wars which have their scars alive even today. After a century similar situation has broken out where there is fear in the minds of people across the globe. The worst part about this war between Russia and Ukraine is there is the addition of social media, the internet, digitalization, technological and military advancements that were not there a century ago. 

Modern Age Threat 

Due to the modern age evolution, there is the possibility of war being more brutal leaving people devastated not just because of the bloodshed but also the mental harassment through social media through hackers, spyware, privacy breach, data breach, etc. And Russia is the very powerful nation as it was and it has also advanced itself these new technological advancements and it is going to use all of it to win the war. 

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Russia Ukraine Digital War

The war is not just on the battlegrounds but is being fought digitally as well. Amidst war with Russia, Ukraine’s social media handle has posted a meme on their page illustrating Adolf Hitler the man behind the second world war, and the Russian president Vladimir Putin. In the caricature, we get to see Adolf Hitler benevolently looking at Putin with Hitler’s one hand on Putin’s cheek.

History Of Dictators 

The Ukrainian Twitter handle further wrote, “This is not a ‘meme’, but our and your reality right now.” The meme in itself expressed a thousand words. The mighty president of Russia is likely to become the dictator and to add to the list of dictators in the books of history in near future. This is not the first time that the world has to go through war because of the willingness of one leader. 

This post had put social media on the buzz with reactions coming from all across the world. United Nations, international leaders from different countries have been updating the netizens on social media by posting opinions and comments. Hashtags like world war 3, Ukraine crisis, Russia Ukraine war are constantly trending on Twitter. 

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Russian Hackers 

On the other hand, Russia-backed hackers are creating malware to hack and crack the systems. As per the recent reports of the National Cyber Security Centre, a hacker group named Sandworm had developed a new kind of malware called Cyclops Blink, which attacks firewall devices developed by the manufacturer Watchguard to secure computers against hacks. A warning has been given to the countries like the US, UK, and Ukraine about Russia-backed hackers.   

Thus, this new age war has its own new kind of consequences along with the existing consequences of the previous world wars. Amidst, this chaos the most dangerous thing is the spread of fake news which has a different set of effects on the world especially when war is being fought in one part of the world.