Sachin Pilot An Ardent Politician With Exceptional Competence


Sachin Pilot is a personality who will find his followers across the spectrum taking from the youth to elders from his own party and even from his opposition. He is a kind of leader even opposition respects him. Well, it is not hidden that Sachin Pilot is the son of the late Rajesh Pilot who was a staunch Congress leader.

Though he will always have this identity that he is the ‘son’ of Rajesh Pilot he has very well created an identity of himself. However, He never denies that he is privileged as he is the son of Rajesh Pilot. Sachin Pilot as a leader has the ability to take his companions along with him. His talks will never be self-centered. He will not talk about himself he will talk as the representative of the political party. This is one of the reasons that makes him the leader of the masses.

The pilot is one of the best defenders of his party. He has always been grateful to Congress for giving him opportunities from a young age. He became the parliamentarian at the young age of 26 and Information and Technology minister at 32 and then the party president at the age of 36.  And he has been vocal about this. However, many argue that he has more personal ambitions than for the party.

He is a prudent leader. The pilot will not make statements hastily. He takes time to analyze every aspect and then diligently will give comments. he is always cautious with his words and language as a whole be it talking in front of media or giving a speech in a rally. He has a diplomatic way of dealing with varied situations.

He has command over his impeccable knowledge which gives him the ability to make decisions confidently. That is the reason he faces all his dissenters systematically without getting baffled. He has this image of an articulate leader and media-friendly. He has the right knowledge of how to deal with different types of people.

Sachin Pilot can speak fluent Marwari language and greet local citizens of Rajasthan as ‘Bhai Sa’ or ‘Ram Ram Sa’ and will create a good rapport with them. He will wear ethnic Rajasthani attire like Safa which makes people feel he is one of them the Son of Rajasthan’s soil.  And he will be equally flawless with English and Hindi while interacting with the media or an elite personality. He has mastered this craft.

It has been said that the credits be given to this youth leader Sachin Pilot for the Congress’ win in the 2018 assembly polls in Rajasthan. He took over the responsibility of the party in Rajasthan when in 2014 he was made the chief of the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee. His hard work was the result of Rajasthan’s 2018 assembly elections. He very well learned the caste combinations in Rajasthan taking from dealing with Gujjars to the Meenas community.

Sachin Pilot is seen as a learned politician who knows all the etiquette of politics and is on the list of one of the most favorite politicians in India.