Shashi Tharoor – An Institution In Himself


When one hears the name Shashi Tharoor personality, qualification, the knowledge these words come to mind. He is one of the aristocratic leaders in India. His knowledge of everything from politics to economics is impeccable. And one cannot forget to mention his command and proficiency over language. He is a person who always has his meaning of everything he always got a different perspective.

Tharoor has his own idea of every term taking from ‘India’ to ‘Nationalism’ or even ‘Hinduism’ and he will put across his idea flawlessly. He is on the top of the table on every list and he knows that he is the best. He looks like a perfect elegant leader who prefers to don ethnic wear.

Along with being a distinguished leader, he is a classic one of the best-selling authors in India. The books written by him are full of wisdom and enlightenment. His books are a palette of content that has everything in it. There is precision in writing and speaking. At times he also flaunts his linguistic skills by introducing new words to his followers on Twitter.

Shashi Tharoor is what he is today is because of his clear ideologies and his work. His work experience is vast. He firmly believes in democratic values, freedom of the press, and transparency. He is one of the pivotal members of the Indian National Congress. He has prodigious experience of working at the United Nations.

He commenced his journey in UN as UN High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva and since then he has never looked back. Later, he was designated under-secretary-general for communications and public information. That helped him to boost his personality as an individual. And in 2006, He became the first Indian to get nominated for the post of UN secretary-general by the Government of India. But just with a difference of few votes, he lost the post to South Korea’s  Ban Ki-Moon.

Later, he got the offer to serve as the deputy secretary-general which he declined and returned to India. He found his way in the Indian National Congress during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s tenure. Despite his demeanor personality he managed to get connected with all groups of people who elected him to the parliament.

Shashi Tharoor is a public figure who has an equal number of followers and dissenters. His experience of working in other democracies has helped him to become a media-friendly person in India. His exclusive interviews are worth reading, listening to, and watching! as they are insightful. 

However, as it is said rose comes with thrones, Tharoor has found himself in several controversies taking from his questioning for his wife’s death to involvement in the Indian Premier League scandal.  But he has managed to keep himself calm out of all of these.

One thing that makes him the elitist leader is that he is never ashamed of apologizing if he is mistaken. Recently also he did that as he apologized to prime minister Narendra Modi. That showcased he is a leader with high standards and is an institution in himself.