Situation In Ethiopia Worsens As The Rift Between Ethiopian Forces And Tigray Rebels Intensifies With UN Vetting The Violations And Division Of Opinions In Diaspora

From Recent Past Ethiopia Is In Turmoil With Escalating Conflict Between The Government And The Tigray Rebels As They Are Disappointed By Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed


The war-like situation is going on in Ethiopia for a year due to a dispute between the administration and the various ethnic groups of the region with Tigrayans being the powerful force. This conflict has so far resulted in the death of several civilians and war crimes. The rebel groups were marching towards the capital city Addis Ababa but now the Ethiopian forces have successfully stopped them and have retaken the control of towns like Kobo, Woldiya from the Tigray rebels.

UN Human Right’s Council Order

The worsening circumstances have erupted many problems taking from human rights violations to war crimes and financial losses in the South African country. Last month itself alarms were raised by UN watchdogs about the crisis in Ethiopia. Now the UN human rights council has ordered vet about the abuses and violations that are taking place in the war-like situation. The UN council’s decision is backed by the European Union and the West.

How The Situation Worsened?

The war-like conditions started escalating in November 2020 when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accused Tigrayans of attacking military camps. Post that tigrayans became aggressive and recaptured most of the Tigray and then advanced their forces to capture other regions like Kobo, Wohldiya, Amhara, etc. The tussle has resulted in the displacement of citizens, brutal crimes and rapes, food shortage, etc.

The West On Ethiopia

The security issue has risen in Ethiopia due to which countries like France, the UK, US asked its citizens there to leave the country as the external forces like the United Nation and African Union failed to change the situation and reach a ceasefire through pragmatic ways. However, Prime Minister Abiy had assured that the country is safe and secured.

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The Division Of Opinion Over Ethiopia

The United Nation’s decision of ordering the probe has received a mixed response from the 47 member forum in Geneva. 21 countries were in favor of the order with 11 absent and 15 countries that included China and Russia were against the decision. African Union too expressed negatively to the UN’s decision stating it will intensify the tensions rather than reduce them.

Ethiopia’s Response To UN

According to the United Nations’ report, thousands of people are detained which also including UN officials. And serious human rights violations are done from both sides. Ethiopia on its side has strongly refused to co-operate and urged other countries not to support the draft. In its opinion, it further said the UN is interfering in the country’s internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

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Ethiopian Diaspora In The US

The overall socio-political circumstances in Ethiopia have affected the Ethiopian Diaspora, especially in the US. The Tigrayans in the US have extended their support to Tigray rebels stating they are facing grave problems. The US has condemned the human rights violations that are happening in Ethiopia and asked for resolving the crisis through negotiations. While there is also a section of people who are supporting Abiy Ahmed’s government while the US administration says that its stand is neutral.